• Inventory Expansion
  • Inventory Expansion System
    [Inventory Expansion System] is for a player needed for shortage of inventory while a user is playing.
    - A player can activate an inventory expansion(36 slots) after spend Jewels for 30 days.
    - A player spends Jewels then a player can expanded max of 3 inventory pages (total 108 slots / each inventory page has 36 slots)
    - Initially given 72 inventory slots(#1 and #2) can be used without spend Jewels.
    - Inventory expansion slots can be extended up to 90 days after spend jewels.
    How to use Inventory Expansion
    - A player can expend 3 Inventory pages instantly in current inventory page with spending Jewels.
    - Activated Inventory page’s color will be changed to black.
    - Inactivated Inventory page’s color is an Orange color.
    - If a player wants to extended period of expansion inventory, a player needs to click "Extension" button in Inventory window. There will be a new extension window and select an extension slot[36slots]. Then click "Extension" button.
    - Once a player extended an inventory, refund is not possible.

    [Before spend Jewels for expansion inventory]

    [After spend Jewels for expansion inventory]