• T&S System
    Details of T&S System
    T&S relationship must satisfy the following conditions.
    - Any character in Lv.16 or above can become a teacher.
    - Any character in Lv.15 and below can become a student.
    In case of players in Lv.15 and below, they can contact the NPC "Agent" in Narootuh and get any teacher. Click [Make A Relationship] and enter a teacher's name.
    ※ Teacher must accept student's request for any relationship to be made. Any students are allow to change their teacher anytime, but armor set of grade8 will not be given once again.
    Only one T&S relationship is allowed per account, no one can get more than two relationship.
    A teacher can gather 20 students in total.
    Once a T&S relationship is made, an armor set of grade 8 will be given in accordance with the student's class.
    When a student comes to Lv.16 or above, he/she can gather students as a teacher because he/she satisfies the condition of teacher. So, any player can become a student and teacher.