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      • [Notice] Inactive account security level upgrade announced.
      • 12-14-2017
      • Hello Kalonline Players,
        We appreciate your continued interest of Kalonline.

        Some returned players requested that Kalonline protect more about inactive accounts.
        Kalonline team admitted that we would make to more secure inactive items of account.
        Some players might share their id and password to other before inactive mode. Therefore, we will change a password with random characters to change when an account becomes an inactive account mode.
        Current inactive accounts will be changed too.

        If you are come back user and password is not correct, please follow steps to check first.

        * Issue a temporary 1st Password and find ID method
        1) Path of Find ID
        Kalonline Main homepage - [FIND ID/PW] button click - Type name and registered email address - Click OK button.

        2) Path of issue a temporary 1st password
        Kalonline Main homepage - [FIND ID/PW] button click - Type USER ID, registered email address, and verification Code - Click OK button.

        If there is any problem to change Password and find ID, please choose one of below options.
        - Create a new account then make a CS for reactivate your account.
        - Send an email to our CS email for requesting a activate account. (email address: global@inixsoft.co.kr)
        * Email method is not recommended.

        Thanks for playing Kalonline,