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      • Added 3rd Job Skill Notice
      • 01-21-2021
      • Hello. Kalonline Players,

        We are introducing new and additional skills that will be updated on January 28th.

        Please check the 3rd job skill guide for details.

        - Hell Fire: Strikes a great sword, splits the ground and deals damage to opponents in front.
        - Battle Rage: Causes anger to restore Death Blow Point.

        - Awaken Lightning Slash: Hits the target strongly, dealing area damage.

        [I.General] / [G.Bow]
        - Multiple Shots: Fires many arrows in front, dealing damage to all enemies within the attack range.

        [Ascetic] / [M.Sdiviser]
        - Energy Explosion: It gathers and explodes floating energy in one place. Inflicts damage to all enemies within the range.

        [Dark Shadow] / [U.nearthly Ghost]
        - Shadow Slash: It cuts a wide area in front of you at a very high speed and deals damage.

        [Rising Shaman of God] / [Spirit Shaman of God]
        - Deadmans Hand: The hands of the dead rise from the ground, dealing non-attribute damage to enemies.

        [Mind Sword]
        - Infinite Blade: Countless swords fall from the sky, dealing wide area damage around the target.

        Thank you.