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      • Notice of April 2021 Recommendations
      • 05-07-2021
      • Hello, This is Kalonline

        We will inform you of the responses from the operation team and development team to the customers suggestions received during April.

        [Infinite Tower] Proposal to expand the use of coins in the tower

        -Tower coins can be exchanged for a variety of items through the Infinite Tower Movement Manager, but there is a limit to the items that can be exchanged, so you have left an opinion that your satisfaction is low.

        We will positively review increasing the number of items exchanged for Tower Coins, and we will proceed with the update in the direction that customers are satisfied as much as possible.

        [Content] Suggestion to adjust the maximum number of scenario contents

        -Compared to the increase in the number of subsidiaries, the number of participants in the scenario content was limited, so he said it was uncomfort_ble.

        We will adjust the number of participants as soon as possible so that the scenario content can be used more smoothly.

        [System] Assasin system penalty improvement proposal

        -The existence of penalties such as item drop upon death after wearing an assassin mask is to prevent indiscriminate PK from occurring.

        As you suggested that the system will not be activated due to the assassination penalty, we will consider an overall reorganization with another method.

        [System] Suggestions for developing a follow-up system

        -There is a system that automatically moves the character to the characters location when you press the character name with the health gauge bar of the party in the current party status.

        I think the follow-up system you suggested is a more upgraded system than the movement of the party characters position described above.

        [System] Suggestion to increase the limit of the number of locations saved

        -We are aware that it is inconvenient to move the hunting ground because the number of times the location is saved is small.

        The development team will plan and prepare a schedule later to increase the number of locations saved.

        [Convenience] Suggestions for developing items to increase critical strike options

        -The Legacy of Heavenly King, which can increase the critical strike option, has been added in the April 1st update, and you can obtain the option to increase the critical strike rate and critical damage by unlocking the option with Ancient relics.

        In addition to Legacy of Heavenly King, we will consider adding options to increase critical strike rate and critical damage in future creations.

        [Convenience] Suggestions to increase the Stone of Demons Blood enhancement option

        -In weapon enhancement, you suggested that Stone of Demons Blood enhancement is relatively less effective than Mystery enhancement.

        Therefore, the development team will compare the Stone of Mystery enhancement and the Stone of Demons Blood enhancement to carefully check the low-efficiency area.

        We will positively review the options for enhancing Stone of Demons Blood.

        [Convenience] Suggestions to decrease the difficulty of acquiring Shield items

        -Currently, the main acquisition of shield items is in honor points.

        In response to the opinions of customers that the difficulty of acquiring the shield is a part that requires honor points to obtain the shield, we will explore new ways to obtain the shield through a method other than the honor score.

        We will find and prepare a plan that will satisfy more customers.

        [Convenience] Suggestions to improve item purchase quantity button

        -There have been many inquiries from NPCs that it is inconvenient to press the button one by one when increasing the quantity when purchasing an item.

        This is a part that must be improved for the convenience of customers, so we will improve it so that you can directly enter the purchase quantity.

        [Convenience] Suggestions for additional character information critical strike rate and critical damage

        -As the current character information does not display the critical strike rate and critical damage figures, I think it will be difficult to determine the exact figures only with the equipment and items worn.

        Accordingly, we are preparing a plan to reorganize the character information window so that you can check more various information.

        In addition to this, while using it as announced in the season 2 update,
        We will continue to work on areas where we feel uncomfort_ble.

        In addition, the development team is planning to fix the bugs that have occurred in the past and areas that are considered to be in need of improvement one by one.

        As Kalonline aims to play games in a better environment, Kalonline promises to steadily develop into a more complete game.

        Thank you.