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      • Notice of Auto Hunting Account Block Policy Change (Modified)
      • 05-17-2021
      • Hello, this is Kalonline

        Since launching the clean campaign policy, we have permanently blocked countless accounts for policy violations through many reports and frequent monitoring.

        However, complaints are constantly being received from accounts where the block was processed, saying that the penalties are too strong.

        Accordingly, we intend to introduce the following [3-Out] policy for accounts in which auto actions are found.

        [3-OUT Policy]
        -1st detection: 3 days block
        -2nd detection: 7 days block
        -3rd detection: 30 days block
        -4th detection: permanent block

        As the policy changes, the Kalonline team directly monitors the account or the account received as a video report will be checked for automatic hunting, and the above actions will be taken.

        For accounts that have been blocked before policy changes, please contact the customer center again and we will assist you after confirming that you are the owner.

        However, please keep in mind that accounts blocked for reasons other than those blocked by Auto Hunt will not be eligible for unblocking due to policy changes.

        We will continue to do our best to use the game in a cleaner environment.

        Thank you.