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      • Kalonline 2022 Halloween Event Reward
      • 11-09-2022
      • Hello. Kalonline Players,
        We announce the winner of Kalonline 2022 Halloween Event Reward.

        Dead persons relics Weapon Box 10EA

        DeM***** / Dag***** / Did***** / tlo***** / xie*****
        Der***** / 202***** / Mon***** / ast***** / Big*****

        - Event reward items will be sent by mail.
        - Event rewards will be paid on November 10th.
        - The mail storage period is 7 days.
        - If the mail is not received within the period, the mail will be deleted and additional payment will not be possible.
        - If the winning customer tells the CS the job that will receive the Dead persons relics Weapon, the item will be given to that job.
        (However, if CS is not accepted, the job set as the representative character will be paid in bulk)

        Thank you.