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      • Test Server Update (Nov. 23 2022)
      • 11-23-2022
      • Hello Kalonline Players,

        Test server maintenance has at 20:30 ~ 21:00 (GMT+9)

        The schedule for the November 23th test server update will be announced below.

        1. Added Instance Dungeon UI
        - A message for entering the instance and re-entering the instance dungeon has been added.

        2. Improved quick slot UI
        - An improvement has been made so that a second quick slot is created when quick slots are set to 2 rows in the game settings.

        3. Improved whisper target change
        - It has been improved so that the name of the player you recently whispered to is entered.

        4. Added brightness control message
        - Added a message saying that setting the brightness in graphics settings can only be done in full screen.

        5. Improved targeting UI
        - Improved so that the target UI is not displayed when there is no target in the target UI.

        6. Modified Awaken Quest Level
        - 1st awakening level 91, 2nd awakening level has been modified to 96 levels.

        7. Improved number of skill points acquired over level 100
        - It has been improved to acquire 1 point from level 1 to 99, and 2 points from level 100.

        8. Improved skill investment method
        - The skill acquired automatically has been changed to a point investment method.
        - The maximum level of the changed skill has increased.
        - Mana Circulation, Evolution of Mana Circulation, Attack of Dark Shadow, Life Extension will be added during the next maintenance.

        9. Added All Job Skill Books
        - Added a description that can increase the maximum level of the newly added passive. (2nd and 3rd passive skills)
        - In the future, a description that can increase the maximum level of active skills including awakening skills will be added.

        10. Modified Archer, Shaman Skills

        Emergency Escape: Cooldown reduced from 15 minutes -> 10 minutes
        Combative Spirit: Decreased cast time

        Ghost Flash: Removed prerequisite skill condition
        Drain Blood: Removed prerequisite skill condition
        Magical Explosion: Changed to level 1 of preceding skill Summon Medium
        Mental Breakdown: Changed to level 1 of summoning psychic in the preceding skill
        Exploding Spirit : Changed to level 1 of summoning spirit medium prior skill

        Thank you.