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      • Infinity Tower and OTP Change Notice
      • 04-28-2023
      • Hello Kalonline Players,

        During the regular maintenance on Thursday, May 4th, an NPC that can move to Infinite Tower will be added.
        Changed to appear constantly instead of appearing only on weekends.

        Infinite Tower admission time is only available on weekends as before,
        If you are not allowed to enter, a message indicating that you cannot enter will appear.

        In addition, due to the fact that Infinite Tower NPCs only appear during enterable hours,
        There was a problem with the number of entries to the Infinite Tower being different in channels 1 and 2.

        It was confirmed that Infinite Tower was divided into channels 1 and 2 and entered several times.
        As a result, Infinite Tower NPCs are updated constantly,
        Please note that the error with the different number of entries for channels 1 and 2 will also be corrected.

        Also, the problem of increasing Accuracy at a 1:1 ratio between Agility and Wisdom stats will be fixed as well.

        5:1 is the correct ratio for increasing accuracy with Agility and Wisdom stats, and we determined that this is a must-have patch to prevent an imbalance in accuracy.

        If the ratio is changed to 5:1, the existing hit stat will be reduced, so to compensate for this, an update will be conducted in which the evasion of all monsters is reduced to match the lower hit score.

        We will be a Kalonline that will do our best not to confuse you with a problem that can confuse you like this time.

        Thank you.