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    • Updates and Patches (Apr. 16 2020)
    • 04-15-2020
    • Hello Kalonline Players,

      We appreciate your continued interest of Kalonline.
      We will be doing Regular Server Maintenance on Apr 16th 2020

      The Regular Server Maintenance

      Hours : 10:40 ~ 12:40 (KST/GMT+9)

      * Details *

      1) Increasing the amount of EXP gained at Training Centers

      2) Start 2nd week of Rebuild the Turtle Ship event
      - The drop rate of wood for making turtle ships is increased.
      - Please check the event page for details.

      3) Fixed an error that some General Characters could not acquire the Devine Suction level 6.

      4) Add Yeoiju fortification, Ornament of Four Guadian Gods Box
      - Please check the event page for details.

      5) End of special Benefit event
      -Special Benefit events are temporarily closed.
      -We will see you more interesting events later.

      6) End of sale Stone of EXP and Stone of EXP for Ancient Animal
      - Stone of EXP Package, Stone of EXP (1 days, 15 days, 30 days) and Stone of EXP for Ancient Animal (30days) will be sell out.

      * If you use the game in a way that is against the operating policy such as cash transaction, automatic hunting, illegal program use, etc. you may be disadvantaged by the policy.
      * During the maintenance, Web site might have a problem to access or login.

      Thanks for playing Kalonline,