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    • Updates and Patches (Aug. 19 2021)
    • 08-18-2021
    • Hello Kalonline Players,

      We appreciate your continued interest of Kalonline.
      We will be doing Regular Server Maintenance on August 19th 2021

      The Regular Server Maintenance

      Hours : 09:40 ~ 11:40 (KST/GMT+9)

      * Details *

      1) Modified party buff skill error
      - An error in the buff skill where the buff is applied regardless of the distance from the party member has been fixed.

      2) Modified Private Shop registration item display error
      - An error where the number of items that can be registered in the Private Shop was displayed incorrectly has been fixed.

      3) Modified Perfect Defense skill error
      - An error that caused the cooldown of the Perpect Defense skill to occur when used without a shield has been fixed.

      4) Modified Kal Shop Button UI Error
      - An error where the other Purchase button was not pressed in the Kal Shop has been fixed.

      5) Modified Infinite Tower Coin Exchange Item Error
      - An error where more tower coins were consumed than before when exchanging items for Beads has been fixed.

      6) Modified client message
      - Fixed so that incorrect client message does not appear after server hang.

      7) Added character selection window guild name display
      - Added guild name display in character selection window.

      8) Improved item icon
      - The icon has been improved to distinguish between boxed and locked items.

      9) Added one-handed sword, two-handed sword tooltip
      - A tooltip has been added to distinguish between a one-handed sword and a two-handed sword for the Warriors Chamdo and Daedo weapons.

      10) Improved PVP Area Pet
      - Improvements have been made so that PVP pets can be worn in The Lawless zone of Dead person and Infinite Tower PVP floor.
      - Improvements have been made so that normal pets can be equipped in PVP areas and PVP contents.

      11) Updated Marine look costume and repair tool in Kal Shop
      - Please check the guide page for details.

      * Please note that intermittent webpage access may not be possible during regular maintenance (09:40 ~ 11:40).

      Please refer to the above to avoid any inconvenience in using the game.
      Thanks for playing Kalonline.