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    • Updates and Patches (Dec. 30 2021) (Modified)
    • 12-29-2021
    • Hello Kalonline Players,

      We appreciate your continued interest of Kalonline.
      We will be doing Regular Server Maintenance on December 30th 2021

      The Regular Server Maintenance

      Hours : 09:40 ~ 12:40 (KST/GMT+9)

      * Details *

      1) Improved Storage item sort order
      - Storage The archived items have been improved to be automatically sorted by item type.
      - The ability to freely change the order of items stored in Storage will be added in the future.
      - Also, the arrangement of inventory and storage items will be improved so that they remain the same even when connected from other PC.

      2) Improved Mission table UI
      - Monster images have been added to the mission table quests.

      3) Improved login screen UI
      - Significantly improved the login screen UI.

      4) Modified stealth pet effect exposure issue
      - The pet effect is not visible in stealth mode.

      5) Modified Narootuh village return location
      - When returning to Narootuh village, it has been modified to return from various locations.

      6) Improved guild commands
      - Improvements have been made so that guild commands can be used on the sub screen.

      7) Castle siege renewal
      - The Castle siege system has been renewed to capture 4 flags.
      - Flag health has been greatly increased
      - Please check the guide page for details.
      - Link : https://www.gameagit.com/kalonline/Castle

      8) Improved siege rules and rewards
      - The level limit for participating guilds in Castle siege has been lifted.
      - Castle siege Defense application has been changed so that only the castle lord and the castle lord alliance are automatically applied. (Application for Offense can be freely applied)
      - Fame points obtained by killing enemies in Castle siege and PVP content have been increased.
      - The Training Field boss has been changed (Demon Queen, Ghost of the dragon, Dunamic, Cheios, Master of Dead person)

      9) Updated December Dark Cube in Kalshop
      - Please check the guide page for details.

      * Please note that intermittent web page access may not be possible during regular maintenance (09:40 ~ 12:40).

      Please refer to the above to avoid any inconvenience in using the game.

      Thanks for playing Kalonline.