• Customer
  • C/S Info      
    • 1 on 1 C/S
      1. Please check FAQ first before inquiring.
      2. When you cannot find any solutions to you problems out fo FAQ, use 1 on 1 C/S.
      3. Through 1 on 1 C/S support, users can contact Game Master(GM) directly.
      4. It is possible to inquire about the problem with system, restoration, hacking, etc. suggest something, and report incorrect users.

    • R&S
      1. If you should find any bugs or have any suggestions, you can send a message to R&S (Report)
      2. We do not answer any messages sent to R&S, but GM may publish them monthly if they are available.
      3. It is not acceptable that users send a report of injustice and restoration of items.
      4. User's opinions will be reflected in the updates of the game if they are reasonable.

    • C/S Policy
      1. It shows the C/S policy of KalOnline.
      2. Please refer to this policy before inquiring.
      3. Due to time zone gap between customer’s location and C/S center location, C/S response time can be changeable.
      4. C/S responding time can be needed from two days to five days, regularly.