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      • [Facebook Event] What was your Previous life Event?
      • 03-26-2018
      • Event Period: March 26th 2018 ~April 8th 2018

        This is Kalonline.
        Please come to our official Facebook page and check out your previous life.
        You can SHARE this Facebook event article to your Facebook, so your friend can see this event.

        After event period is over, Kalonline Team will check our event article share numbers.
        If Facebook SHARE numbers reached below numbers, we will have a special buff event for all players.

        We will look forward to see a great numbers for sharing this article.
        Kalonline hope that all players and your friends enjoy this event.

        If this event reached successfully target amount, Event schedule will be below.
        Projected Event Period: April 12th to 15th (for 4 days)
        Projected Event Hours: 01:00 ~03:00 and 18:00~20:00 (4 hours for a day)

        Event conditions:
        If Event article share numbers reached,
        Case 1. 20 to 49 times: EXP UP 10%
        Case 2. 50 to 99 times: EXP UP 20%
        Case 3. 100 to 299 times: EXP UP 30%
        Case 4. 300 to 499 times: EXP UP 50%
        Case 5. 500 or above times: EXP UP 100%

        And below buffs will be applied together with EXP UP event
        OTP: 14 increased
        Critical: 7% increased
        Explosive Blow : 7% increased
        Physical/Magic attack: 15% increased
        EVA: 3

        Thank you