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      • [Announcement] Global server merge plan
      • 09-11-2018
      • This is a Kalonline.
        At first, thanks for interest about Kalonline.
        Recently, Kalonline team received request of server merge between G1 and G2 server.
        Kalonline all staffs were discussed about this merge issue deeply. We consider which direction is a better environment for all players.

        Kalonline decided belows:

        Kalonline will merge servers on Oct. 4th 2018 during the weekly maintenance.
        Basically, all G2 server characters will be moved to G1 server.

        In addition, there are policies to decide for a merge server.
        These are details:

        1) Castle War
        - G1 castle owners will stay as a castle owner.
        - After Oct.4th maintenance, former G2 guild players can apply castle war on regular castle war period with current G2 guilds.
        2) Account storage.
        - Account storage and character inventory items will not be deleted.
        3) Character name and limited character numbers of each account.
        - If there is the same character names in G1 and G2 server, character names will be changed like an example.
        Ex) G1 character name : kalonline will be kalonline
        G2 character name : kalonline will be G_kalonline
        - Name changed character will receive a (Bound) Name List(1EA) by mail / unused item will be deleted on Nov. 8th 2018 during the Maintenance.
        - If an account has more than 5 characters in G1 and G2 servers, top 5 characters will be in the list. Selection of characters will be sorted by character Lv. (lower level characters will be deleted.)
        - Deleted characters will be displayed in the character selection stage and you can recover them in 30 days. 30 days later these characters will be deleted and cannot be recovered.
        - If you deleted a character and it has duration left when a server merged, these characters will be permanently deleted even though it has time left.
        4) Friend list and Guild list
        - Current Friend list will not be reset.
        - After server merged, current G1 and G2 guild list will not be initialized.

        We are trying our best to satisfy your needs, but please understood about a little bit of unsatisfied things which we decided. If there is any suggestion or request, please write a CS to us.
        We will consider about all additional request.

        Kalonline team is sincerely appreciated about your interest. We will try to make a better environment for all players.

        Thank you

        Kalonline Team