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  • 1. The basic game policy information 2. Account and Registration 3. User Responsibility and Right 4. Restraint Policy 5. Character Name Policy 6. Character Recall Policy 7. Information about Illegal Program, Modifying client program or its Web Site, Abusing Bug and etc. 8. Information about Fraud (Including Impersonation) 9. Reporting Ill-Manners and Other Considerations 10. Activity of GM 11. Restoration and Reward The basic game policy information 1.General Rules This policy is established for the purpose of providing better service to our users and allows them to play comfortably. Articles through KalOnline of INIXSOFT Co. Ltd. INIXSOFT Co. Ltd. will do its best to meet KalOnline users’ satisfaction. Please check this policy often when you visit KalOnline official website because the contents can be changed and updated. The other facts which are not recorded the game policy will follow 'User agreement' and 'User agreement for Kalcash'. 2.Game Policy GM team administration and KalOnline services are administered according to KalOnline policy. This is used to settle problems in the game and the users who break this are able to be restrainted according to KalOnline policy. GM team has the authority to establish, modify and delete the policy. Any changes of the contents on game policy will be announced 3 days in advance. (Refer to the notice boards on the official KalOnline webpage) Please note that Operator can't help users with problems that are already informed by GM. 3.It has to be affected to all accounts of an user who broke the game policy and all accounts may be blocked in accordance with the seriousness of the case. Account and Registration 1.1 Information of account, character, item, and etc. will not be released without assent of its owner, and those can't be requested. However, for infractions related with the law it is possible to release personal information without assent of its owner. 1.2 Name, account ID, Nation, Gender, and Birthday as a registered user are unchangeable. - Account and all information are possible to be deleted without a notification if the whole or part of information are incorrect. - User is responsible for his/her own registered information and INIXSOFT Co. Ltd. is not able to assist without proof of identity under any circumstances. 1.3 Only Gold member may seek help for all problem concerning accounts by the company. 2.1 We do not allow account sharing and trade. 2.2 Traded account and character will permanently be blocked and deleted. 2.3 Sharing your account and trading your account are considered that you renounced the ownership of your own account, so that we do not accept any request about reclaiming shared or traded account even though the real owner reclaims it. User Responsibility and Right 1.1 User must not break the game policy and must not pull down regularity and balance in the game. 1.2 User may request the correction by the right for gm to conduct in case of having problems or getting damaged in the game. 1.3 When the user faces a problem that can't be solved by oneself in the game, he/she may seek for assistance through C/S center in the official website. 1.4 User must not break the game policy and also can be restrained from trading item and account with real cash inside the game. 1.5 When an user identifies a problem(hacking/bug) in the game, he/she must inform GM and needs to cooperate with GM for the whole cases. Restraint Policy 1.1 Restraint Subject (including the game inside and KalCash) GM may restrain users from violating the game policy. GM may restrain the users without warning in case of following situations; - trading character and item with other games’ or with real cash - trying to trade character and item with real cash (character created for real money trade) - use of profanity against GM or other users (extremely Foul Language) - abusing GM, spreading rumors and false facts to incriminate other user - national, racial and religious discrimination - abusing bug and doing harm to game services - violating public orders - behavior that breaks the law and rules - infringing the copyright of company - including any inappropriate advertisements or foul languages - spamming message using macro - using illegal program or link - case judged by social rules deemed to be illegal - non-acceptance of GM’s warning - trading item(including Zamogeon) with real money - trading account or character with real money or item(including Zamogeon) 1.2 Steps of Restraint (1) Steps of Restraint in the Game - Steps of Restraint is based on the Restraint table. - These provisions can be changed according to situations. - It may restrain first account and relevant accounts as creating a different account and character. - It can be accumulated according to ill-mannered activity. ex) general insult(1st-3 days)-->real money trade(2nd-15 days) (2) Steps of Restraint in incorrect behavior It applies to the content of illegal activities; - trading character or item with real cash, trade with another games’ - asking to share an account and request of a sharable user - abusing other users and the third party - disturb users’ gaming by spamming message using macro - Using and advertising illegal program and link Character Name Policy 1.1 Following types of character name, guild name and rank name may get restrained. Also guild master can be restrained following to the guild name and position names of guild members. - name that advertises real money trade in account, character or item - sexual name(which can be considered as sexual harassment) - name that can be subversive of the social order and the related laws - name that advertises any websites, brands and other games having no relation to KalOnline - name that offends users by abusive and vulgar languages - name that makes confused as bad languages with words and spell - name that is created intentionally to be used as impersonating GM 1.2 And GM may change character name according to the Restrained Target and Restrained policy Character Recall Policy Generally, a character won't be recalled by GM. * Recalling character is possible in case of the following: - when it is impossible to play because user is stuck in specific area - when GM would give a warning because an user has played illegally or done harm to others continuously - the need for game operation Information about Illegal Program, Abusing Bug, and etc. Account and/or related account may get blocked according to the user agreement and restraint rules for using illegal program, Modifying client program or its Web Site, abusing bug, holding unauthorized items or Zamogeon and circulating them and etc. Block period will be from few days to permanent depending on the case.(refer to written statement) 1.1 Abusing Bug An user may not use, abuse, or transmit the bug to others, but he/she must inform GM of it as soon as possible when the bug is found. * Example of abusing bug - using the bug to achieve item and EXP in an inappropriate way - hunting monsters that do not attack player by certain system error - getting profit by trading item repetitiously that is selling at the lower price than the purchasing - creating or duplicating item and zamogeon by abusing system error - buying and holding unauthorized items(which is concerned in hacking or fraud) 1.2 Using An Illegal Program and Modifying client program or its Web Site When user’s illegal act is proved, account and/or related account will be blocked for using any kinds of hacking methods and illegal programs (auto-hunting program, server hacking program, editor program, etc) and program that helps to hack into servers or accounts. Block period will be from few days to permanent depending on the case. (refer to written statement) Especially the account modifying client program or its Web Site will be permanently blocked. 1.3 Illegal participation in events. If users are found abusing bugs, rigging or using any illegal actions during the event process,the prize will be canceled and related account can be blocked Information about Fraud (Including Impersonation) 1.1 Responsibility for the various frauds (including real money trade) of the game inside and outside belongs to the victim and also GM does not intervene in any situation. 1.2 It is impossible to resolve a problem that is related with the fraud caused by victim’s incautiousness (including real money trade) on the game inside and outside. 1.3 Fact of real money trade may restraint all accounts that are exposing it. 1.4 Account that is related to fraud may be restrained (continue to abuse after warning) by GM's decision. Especially impersonating another user or GM can result in a permanent block of the account. Reporting Ill-Manners and Other Considerations When reporting ill-manners, please take a look at the details below and contact C/S center with the things and screenshots. 1.1 GM into KalOnline only admit screenshots and by checking inside the game directly. 1.2 GM dose not admit evidences that are containing unrecognizable text, words or fixed screenshots. 1.3 GM dose not admit screenshots that are over 3 days from the reporting date (if the reporting date is multiple, last screenshot will be the standard). 1.4 Account may get blocked permanently with a false report in purpose of incrimination. 1.5 We receive report of problems related with chat log, punishment will be conducted refer to GM's judgment - Effective Screenshot requires the date information when its taken, and it is valid until 3 days. (For the report of insult in chat box must be full sized and include INIXSOFT mark, or else it has no effect.)
    Category Charges 1st 2nd 3rd
    Insult Using bad or abusive lanquage Temporary block Longer than 1st Permanent block
    Breaking of board policy
    Sexual harassment and insult of others parents
    GMs and staffs Using bad or abusive language
    Impersonating GMs and staffs Permanent Block
    Impersonating relatives 7 days 15 days Permanent Block
    Disregard of GM's warning & Interruption of game operation 7 days Permanent Block
    Trying to trade account character, or item with real money Temporary block Longer
    than 1st
    Traded item with real money
    Traded account or character with real money
    Illegal name and character warning & changing name 3 days Deletion of the character
    Guild emblem (guild master) blocking guild master, disbanding guild
    Kalcash Credit card fraud illegal settlement for charging Kalcash Permanent Block
    System Abusing bug & system, Hacking account, spreading rumors, Using illegal program, fraud and etc.
    Making, using, spreading illegal program modify game client
    Activity of GM 1.1 GM is responsible for checking bugs that are reported and user is responsible for reporting bugs whenever it is found. GM will not be responsible for any disadvantage user takes when he/she breaks this rule. 1.2 GM can warn and move the character’s position in game, according to the specific user's activities in the game if necessary (refer to the Recall Policy) and GM can block his/her account (permanent block if necessary) if he/she refuses GM's request. Please check all the rules. 1.3 Solving Problem that is not in the Game Policy GM decides to solve all problems by the stipulations, laws of South Korea and common sense when there are no problems in this game policy. 1.4 Disputes between Users GM does not intervene in users’ dispute but GM may settle problems as users do not settle. * GM can intervene in the following cases - dispute by user disturbing others continuously - dispute by user insulting a specific user (by a character name) - dispute on illegal activities 1.5 Facts that can't be controlled by GM - Any reports from the incorrect mentioned user and non related account - Any accidents from carelessness of account administration (share/transfer) - Any problems concerning real money trade and another game trade. - Any accidents from account registration with false information - GM may not help any users with information in the game. Restoration and Reward 1.1 In general, it is impossible to restore and reward the damage for the problem caused by ignoring NOTICE. 1.2 When a user contact C/S center with data loss problem, GM goes through his/her problem by checking game database. Then it will be restored and rewarded in accordance with its result. 1.3 We do not wish to encourage career victims, nor will we penalize legitimately users who make the occasional slip-up. 1.4 A user has to contact GM with his/her own account which he/she has have a problem with, but not with another user’s account. And user should not contact with other’s problem. 1.5 If an user is repeatedly making poor decisions that result in lost property, we deserve the right to refuse further reimbursements. 1.6 Character/items restoration on hacking problem must be reported to C/S center within 10 days from the occurrence with detail information. (Server/Character ID/the time that problem occurred/specific details about lost items). 1.7 KalOnline will not deal with request when any of the required information is missing or when request is not submitted within the time period. 1.8 Items that are normally traded, destroyed, or sold to NPC can not be restored. 1.9 All requests received through C/S center are dealt with in order. 1.10 GMs are also unable to restore item options like enchantments or add-ons. 1.11 It can be possible to restore CHARACTER within 7 DAYS from the point of its deletion Character less than level 10 cannot be restored. Account after 6 MONTHS from the point of its deletion cannot be restored. 1.12 An user cannot be refunded and rewarded account, item, Kalcash when he/she is blocked permanently by the breach of agreement, user’s agreement of Kalcash and this policy. * The former policy