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      • Test Server Open Notice
      • 08-31-2022
      • Hello. Kalonline Players,

        The test server was opened normally at 15:00 (GMT+9) on August 31st.

        The test server client can be downloaded from the client download page.
        Please check the information page for test server updates.

        Link to test server guide page: https://www.gameagit.com/kalonline/2208opentest
        Test server client download page link: https://www.gameagit.com/kalonline/client

        Various items can be supported by using the test server.

        The list of supported items is as follows.

        [List of test support items]
        - 1 Gold Coin will be paid by mail after 1 minute for daily access (once a day)
        - Support 1 billion Geons for all characters
        - Purchase a higher item for 1,000 Geons from the [Event] Test Server NPC in the Village of Narootuh
        (Legacy of Heavenly King Zeta Lv1, Ornament of Four Guardian Gods Zeta Lv10, Colorful Silk Soul Pocket)
        - Other Stone of Demong Gong related items

        If you have any questions while using the test server, please send a message to GMKal or
        If you submit an inquiry to the Test Server C/S section on the website CS, we will kindly answer you.

        Thank you.