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      • Test Server Update (Oct. 7 2022)
      • 10-07-2022
      • Hello Kalonline Players,

        Test server maintenance has at 13:00 ~ 13:30 (GMT+9)

        The schedule for the October 7th test server update will be announced below.

        1. Modified OTP formula

        2. Modified Explosive Blow Formula

        3. Modified Critical Damage Formula

        4. Modified client force quit issue
        - Improved the phenomenon that the client is forced to close in the riding window when connecting to the game intermittently.
        - Fixed an issue where the client was forced to close intermittently in Legacy of Heavenly King items.

        5. Improved item quantity display
        - The item quantity display font size has been improved so that it can be seen better.

        6. Improved status issue
        - Improved the problem that the status abnormality is not applied after a certain number of times when hit by the same status abnormality.

        7. Improved NPC selling weapon and armor wear level
        - The wear level of weapons and armor sold by NPCs as Geon has been improved.

        8. Modified Archer, SwordTricster Skills

        Decrease of Target Range Skill Recovery

        Common Passive Stats Included in 2nd Passive

        Thank you.