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      • Test Server Update (Oct. 19 2022)
      • 10-19-2022
      • Hello Kalonline Players,

        Test server maintenance has at 14:30 ~ 15:00 (GMT+9)

        The schedule for the October 19th test server update will be announced below.

        1. Modified Archer, Magician, Shaman Skills

        Life Absorption - Cast motion reduced

        Cure 3 - Cooldown reduction
        Detonates cold - Cooldown reduction

        Ghost Blade - reduced cast time
        Ghost Flash - reduced cast time
        Soul Shield - Cast Time Reduction
        Wave - Cast Time Reduction
        Ghost Spear - cast time reduced
        Hurricane - cast time reduced
        Pain of Soul - cast time reduced
        Divine Shield - Cast Time Reduction
        Entangling - cast time reduced
        Spear of Pain - Cast Time Reduction
        Collapse - Reduces cast time
        Drain Blood - cast time reduced
        Magical Explosion - Cast Time Reduction
        Mental Breakdown - Cast Time Reduction
        Summoning Soul - cast time reduced
        JigukKing - cast time reduced
        JeungjangKing - Cast time reduced
        Six Souls - reduced cast time
        Exploding Spirit - Cast Time Reduction

        Thank you.