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      • Notice of Emergency Escape Skill
      • 05-26-2023
      • Hello Kalonline Players,

        During regular maintenance on June 1st, the Emergency Escape Skill that can be acquired by Archers 2nd job Expert Archer will be modified.

        If you use the Emergency Escape Skill, you move at a very high speed while temporarily ignoring all debuffs, and it is a skill that affects all party members nearby.

        It is normal to not be able to use the Emergency Escape Skill while riding, and if nearby party members are also riding, they will not receive the buff.

        However, it has been confirmed that if you use it while riding Riding, you can move very quickly by receiving additional movement speed while the movement speed has increased.

        This may cause problems with leaving the map when moving on uneven terrain.

        Therefore, we plan to modify the Emergency Escape Skill so that it cannot be used while riding, and the description that the skill cannot be used while riding is added to the description.

        Thank you.