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      • 09-08-2023
      • Hello Kalonline Players

        Island of the Battle Field and Triangular Battle System times will change during the next scheduled maintenance.

        The changed times are as follows.

        [Island of the Battle Field]
        Registration time: Sunday 02:30~04:00 (GMT+9)
        Selection announcement:Sunday 04:00~04:30 (GMT+9)
        Elite training hours: Sunday 04:30~05:30 (GMT+9)
        General training hours: Sunday 06:00~07:00 (GMT+9)

        [Triangular Battle System]
        Registration hours: Wednesday/Friday 01:00 ~ 02:30 (GMT+9)
        Preparation hours: Wednesday/Friday 02:30 ~ 03:00 (GMT+9)
        Play hours: Wednesday/Friday 03:00 ~ 03:30 (GMT+9)

        The changed time will be applied to the next regular maintenance, and the previously applied list will be reset.

        Therefore, please note that you must reapply after regular maintenance to use PVP content.

        Thank you.