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      • Kalonline Bountiful Fall Event Reward
      • 10-12-2023
      • Hello. This is KalOnline Team.

        Announcing the winners of the KalOnline Bountiful Fall event.

        Please note that only the top 10 is revealed for each ranking.

        [Five Colors Songpyeon Ranking]
        1st place - May**** / Please submit an inquiry to receive the G90 weapon of your choice.
        2nd place - Mor**** / Please submit an inquiry to receive the G80 weapon of your choice.
        3rd place - Rec**** / Please submit an inquiry to receive the G75 weapon of your choice.
        4th place - Pow****
        5th place - Pan****
        6th place - Lmo****
        7th place - Kay****
        8th place - Vla****
        9th place - TuT****
        10th place - WUU****
        * 1st place G90 weapon
        * 2nd place G80 weapon
        * 3rd place G75 weapon
        * 4th~10th Celestial Treasure 1ea
        * 11th~20th Heavenly treasure 1ea
        * 21th~100th Scroll of ATK UP 1ea

        [Half-moon Songpyeon donation ranking]
        1st place - Ste****
        2nd place - EZE****
        3rd place - Asc****
        4th place - Wir****
        5th place - Aml****
        6th place - mos****
        7th place - 1_D****
        8th place - Yin****
        9th place - Tot****
        10th place - AsC****
        * 1st place Taegeuk Decoration Box (Rare)
        * 2nd place Taegeuk Decoration Box
        * 3rd place Taegeuk Decoration Box (Normal)
        * 4th~10th [Event] Ancient relics 2ea
        * 11th~20th [Event] Ancient relics 1ea
        * 21st~50th [Event] Scroll of Power Improvement 1ea

        [Event Boss Time Attack Ranking]
        1st place - Glo**** Guild 33 seconds
        2nd place - XXX**** Guild 50 seconds
        3rd place - Pha**** Guild 92 seconds
        4th place - OBF**** Guild 99 seconds
        5th place - ofL**** Guild 172 seconds
        6th place - Uni**** Guild 203 seconds
        7th place - Eas**** Guild 236 seconds
        8th place - NAT**** Guild 276 seconds
        9th place - BOP**** Guild 304 seconds
        10th place - Eis**** Guild 357 seconds
        * 1st place Blessings of guild 7 days
        * 2nd place Blessings of guild 6 days
        * 3rd place Blessings of guild 3 days
        * 4th~10th Blessings of guild 1 day

        [Event boss kill count ranking]
        1st place - XXX**** Guild 45 Kills
        2nd place - Glo**** Guild 40 Kills
        3rd place - Eas**** Guild 36 Kills
        4th place - ofL**** Guild 29 Kills
        5th place - Pha**** Guild 19 Kills
        6th place - OBF**** Guild 19 Kills
        7th place - Uni**** Guild 16 Kills
        8th place - BOP**** Guild 11 Kills
        9th place - Eis**** Guild 4 Kills
        10th place NAT**** Guild 2 Kills
        * 1st place Guild Raid Resource Scrolls 500ea
        * 2nd place Guild Raid Resource Scrolls 400ea
        * 3rd place Guild Raid Resource Scrolls 300ea
        * 4th~10th Guild Raid Resource Scrolls 100ea

        * Caution:
        - Event reward items will be sent by mail.
        - Event rewards will be paid next week.
        - Blessings of guild are applied immediately upon payment.
        - Guild Raid Resource Scroll is given to the Lord of Wealth.
        - The mail retention period is 14 days.
        - If you do not receive mail within the period, it will be deleted and no additional payment will be possible.

        Thank you.​​​​​​