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      • Updates and Patches (June. 22 2023)
      • 06-21-2023
      • Hello Kalonline Players,

        We appreciate your continued interest of Kalonline.
        We will be doing Regular Server Maintenance on June 22th 2023

        The Regular Server Maintenance

        Hours : 09:40 ~ 11:40 (KST/GMT+9)

        * Details *

        1) Added character interaction UI
        - Added Alt+Right click on a character to display the interaction UI
        - An interaction UI has been added to display when you right-click the target frame at the top that appears when you designate a character.
        - For more information, please check the Community - Interaction Guide.

        2) Improved world map mission tracking
        - The arrow UI that appears when tracking missions on the world map has been improved.
        : Red: Displays your characters direction
        : Light blue: Mark the target direction of the mission you want to track
        : Purple: Displays the NPC direction of the mission you want to track
        (If you click on any arrow, the world map screen moves to that location immediately)

        3) Improved item exchange shop notation
        - In the Item Exchange Shop, the materials required for exchange have been unified.

        4) Fixed the problem of not being able to click on the message box
        - Fixed an issue where the window did not close even when clicking the X in the message box.

        5) Fixed a monster summon problem on the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors of the Priest Tower
        - An issue where monsters on the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors of the Priest Tower spawn outside the dungeon walls has been fixed.

        6) Fixed Highland of Sky monster summoning problem
        - Fixed an issue where Highland of Sky monsters were summoned in locations where characters could not move.

        7) Fixed Material item tooltip
        - Fixed an issue where incorrect tooltips were displayed for some material items.

        8) Modified Unearthly Ghost [Counter Attack] skill duration notation
        - Fixed an issue where the activation duration of Unearthly Ghost [Counter Attack] was displayed incorrectly.

        9) Fixed Beheading monster click problem
        - Fixed an issue where the character continued to move when clicking on a dead monster after Beheading.
        * Please note that intermittent web page access may not be possible during regular maintenance (09:40 ~ 11:40).

        Please refer to the above to avoid any inconvenience in using the game.

        Thanks for playing Kalonline.