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      • Updates and Patches (September. 7 2023) (Modified)
      • 09-06-2023
      • Hello Kalonline Players,

        We appreciate your continued interest of Kalonline.
        We will be doing Regular Server Maintenance on September 7th 2023

        The Regular Server Maintenance

        Hours : 09:40 ~ 11:40 (KST/GMT+9)

        * Details *

        1) Improved of Demon Gong properties
        - Improvements have been made so that basic damage can be inflicted to monsters with the Demon Gong attribute even without equipping a compatible attribute weapon.
        - If an attribute monster has the attack power of a compatible attribute, attribute damage occurs at a certain rate of the basic damage.
        - Monsters also have attribute attack power, and if a character does not have the defense of a compatible attribute with an attribute monster, he or she can receive additional attribute damage.
        - If a character has a defense of a compatible attribute with an attribute monster, the monsters attribute damage can be reduced.
        When a character with earth attribute attack power attacks a wind attribute monster, additional attribute damage can be inflicted.
        If a character with earth attribute defense is attacked by a wind attribute monster, the monsters attribute damage can be reduced.
        - The stamina of all attribute monsters has increased.
        - Additional improvements can be made to Demon Gong properties while observing the improved situation.

        2) Renewal of trading system
        - Changed so that items can be freely registered and deregistered during trading.
        - Improved visibility of approval and cancellation status during transactions.
        - During transactions, the progress status has been improved to automatically change depending on changes in the other partys transaction list or approval status.

        3) Improved Ancient Animal level system
        - Improved so that Ancient Animal experience can be obtained up to 99.99% when the level of the Ancient Animal is the same as the character level.
        - If you are leveling up when your Acient Animal level is the same as your character level, you will be blocked from using the Acient Animal Growth Accelerator.
        - When the Acient Animals level is at maximum level, the Acient Animal Growth Promoter cannot be used.

        4) Improved Monster skill
        - The status abnormality skill for monsters on the 2.5th and 3rd floors of D6 Dungeon has been removed.

        5) Improved Shadow of Devah stats
        - When Shadow of Devah attacks, the damage given in proportion to physical strength has been reduced.

        6) Edited Private Shop items
        - An issue where unregistered items were not visible in the Private Shop has been fixed.

        * Please note that intermittent web page access may not be possible during regular maintenance (09:40 ~ 11:40).

        Please refer to the above to avoid any inconvenience in using the game.

        Thanks for playing Kalonline.