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      • Updates and Patches (Dec. 2 2021)
      • 12-01-2021
      • Hello Kalonline Players,

        We appreciate your continued interest of Kalonline.
        We will be doing Regular Server Maintenance on December 2nd 2021

        The Regular Server Maintenance

        Hours : 09:40 ~ 11:40 (KST/GMT+9)

        * Details *

        1) Renewaled Tower of Devah
        - New map 2.5 Floor Tower of Devah has been added.
        - All levels of play difficulty and reward experience have been changed.
        (All floors of Devah Tower are recommended for party hunting, and the monsters HP is higher than that of the existing hunting grounds)
        (Devah Tower difficulty will be constantly changed based on the data collected)
        - New monsters have been added.
        - Master Triagram, Master Yin-Yang Mirror, Master Taegeuk have been added.

        2) Modified SwordTricster skill modification
        - The problem that the effect of SwordTricster is inhale Sword and Sword Formation skills did not apply to the Tower of Devah monster has been fixed.

        3) Deleted Dark Shadow, Dark Relics shield text
        - The [Purchasable Grade] text on the Dark Shadow and Dark Relics shields has been deleted.

        * Please note that intermittent web page access may not be possible during regular maintenance (09:40 ~ 11:40).

        Please refer to the above to avoid any inconvenience in using the game.

        Thanks for playing Kalonline.