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    About Monster Summoning Scroll
    Monster Summoning Scroll is the system that an user summons some monsters at a place that you want and can hunt them.
    Monster Summoning Scroll Class
    Monster Summoning Scroll consists of 6 types of scrolls and the detailed information about them is as in the following.
    Type Summoned
    Monster Num
    Summoned Monster Info
    Summoning Scroll 1 Level 5 Trained Traitor Warrior, Trained Traitor Archer, Doggebi of Monster Face, Doggebi with a Mask of Black Crow, Doggebi with a Mask of Black Panther
    Summoning Scroll 2 Level 5 Knight of the Traitor's Hangout. Chief of the Traitor's Hangout, Yoong-Gi The Royal Tomb Keeper, Noktoo Soldier, Chief of Doggebi Troop
    Summoning Scroll 3 Level 7 Twisted Demon Warrior, Twisted Demon Soldier, Gigantic Murderer, Monster of Demon Crack Troop, White beast of Demon Crack Troop
    Summoning Scroll 4 Level 10 Skeleton, Crazy Demon Warrior, Twisted Demon Infantry, Bogy Archer, Minor earth element, Minor fire element, Minor water element, Minor iron element, Minor wood element
    Summoning Scroll 5 Level 15 Hermit of Red Face, Hermit of Mask, 3rd Commander of The Royal Tomb, 2nd Commander of The Royal Tomb, Twisted Demon Defender, Earth element, Fire element, Water element, Iron element, Wood element
    Summoning Scroll 6 Level 15 Crazy Demon Worker's Leader, Brown Bear, Knoll, Knoll soldier, Knoll Archer, Goblin, Goblin Conjurator, Goblin soldier, Goblin Scout Soldier
    Summoning Scroll 7 Level 15 ummoned Brown E-Moogy, Summoned Green E-Moogy, Summoned Scorpion, Summoned Wolf, Summoned Wild Boar,Summoned Skeleton Worrior, Summoned Skeleton Archer, Summoned Knoll Mad Warrior, Summoned Xill, Summoned Xill Archer
    Summoning Scroll 8 Level 15 Summoned Elite Wraith, Summoned Elite Skeleton Worrior,Summoned Elite Skeleton Archer, Summoned Gigantic Species Warrior, Summoned Gigantic Species Archer, Summoned Gigantic Species Shock Trooper, Summoned Gigantic Species Ignoramus, Summoned Gigantic Species Berserk, Summoned Gigantic Species Master, Summoned Giant
    Drop Item Zamogeon, Medium Medicine, Speed up Medicine, Polising Stone, High-Grade Scroll of Rebirth
    Doggebi's Fixing Tool, Doggebi's Certificate(1), Doggebi's Certificate(3), Doggebi's Certificate(5), Doggebi's Certificate(10)
    Talisman of Protection: Despotic, Talisman of Protection: Revenge's, Talisman of Protection: Prideful, Talisman of Protection: Ruinous, Talisman of Protection: Glorious, Talisman of Intensification: Magical Power's, Talisman of Intensification: Legendary, Talisman of Intensification: The King, GuhBalHan's, Talisman of Accuracy, Talisman of Defense, Talisman of Transmigration
    Stone of Shadow, Stone of Holy, Stone of Flame, Stone of Ice, Stone of Lightening, Stone of Poison, Stone of Paralysis, Stone of Strength, Stone of Skill, Piece of Unknown World
    element of fire, element of water, element of wood, element of iron, element of ground
    Hard-boiled Salmon with Bean Paste, Baked Eel, Baked Carp with silver scales of Geum-Oh Valley, Pure Dew-Tea of Geum-Oh Mountain
    Golden Scaled Armor Helmet, Golden Scaled Armor Gloves, Golden Scaled Armor Shoes
    Golden Armor Helmet, Golden Armor Gloves, Golden Armor Shoes
    Golden DaeChangEau Hair Decoration, Golden DaeChangEau Gloves, Golden DaeChangEau Shoes
    Golden Hood of thief, Golden Gloves of thief, Golden Boots of thief.
    Golden Scaled Armor, Golden Scaled Armor Shorts, Golden Armor, Golden Armor Skirts
    Golden DaeChangEau, Golden DaeChangEau Shorts
    Golden suit of thief, Golden suit Shorts of thief
    Blood Dragon's Suit of thief, Blood Dragon's Hood of thief, Blood Dragon's Gloves of thief, Blood Dragon's Boots of thief, Blood Dragon's Suit Shorts of thief
    Blood Dragon's Scaled Armor, Blood Dragon's Scaled Armor Helmet, Blood Dragon's Scaled Armor Gloves, Blood Dragon's Scaled Armor Shoes
    Blood Dragon's Scaled Armor Shorts, Blood Dragon's Armor, Blood Dragon's Armor Helmet, Blood Dragon's Armor Gloves, Blood Dragon's Armor Shoes, Blood Dragon's Armor Skirts
    Blood Dragon's DaeChangEau, Blood Dragon's DaeChangEau Hair Decoration,
    Blood Dragon's DaeChangEau Gloves, Blood Dragon's DaeChangEau Shoes, Blood Dragon's DaeChangEau Shorts