• Production System
    How to use Summoning Scroll
    ① After double-clicking the icon of Monster Summoning Scroll, or putting it onto Quick Slots and activating the scroll, you may appoint the place that you want to summon monsters.
    ② After appointing a place, you can summon certain monsters by a right-click, Then a Monster Summoning Scroll will be consumed.
    ※ If the area pointer goes out of available area when you appoint a place that you want to summon monsters, the pointer color will turn red and monsters cannot be summoned.
    Monter Summoning
    The following screenshot shows that monsters have normally been summoned.
    According to each kind of Monster Summoning Scroll, there is the limited time, from 90 seconds to 3 minutes, to hunt summoned monsters.
    So, all of them should be hunted within the appointed time. If you cannot annihilate them, they will disappear automatically.
    Monster Summoning Condition
    Type Condition
    Job Level
    Summoning scroll 1~4 level -
    Summoning scroll 5 level 3rd job -
    Summoning scroll 6~7 level 3rd job Lv.80 or higher
    Summoning scroll 8 level 3rd job Lv.85 or higher