• The Cave of The Giant Bird
    • There has been a cave at the north of the Highland of Sky for thousands of years. People are afraid because the cave is the road to the Giant Bird. So they built the shrine to appease the Giant Bird and made the wooden statues of the general for defending it from the plunderers. But no one could avoid the war, even the cave. A guard from the cave returned in hurry to the City of Priest and said that the cave was attacked. So the troops of the City of Priest headed straight to the cave.

      When they came up to the cave, they had to retreat because they saw the demons coming out from the entrance of the cave. The troops of the City of Priest were only grouped by 30 people and there were thousands of demons at the cave. The troops of the City of Priest had no way but to go back and all they could do was only defending the City of Priest.

      There were no choices. The cave was discovered to be a demons’ stronghold and they must fight for the victory. For the peace of Naraeha, the demons must be eliminated as well as Bango. Now, the flag of assault command is fluttering and the end of the war is about to be reached.

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