The first Korean fantasy

Boss Monster

Demon Queen

This is the demon who controls the Demon Nest. Generally, she sticks to the Nest but when she feels any threat, she separates from the Nest and protects herself. When she's separates with the Nest, the production of demon eggs stops. However, she still has ability to protect herself even if she's stick together with the Nest. She attacks with her tentacles through the subterrain and blossoms some kind of flame plants.

When she is together with the Nest

Only the upper body can be seen but she still can attack from the Nest. Her tentacles pierce from underground but when she's together with the Nest, she won't move.

When she is separated with the Nest

She appears to have upper body of a woman with the wings. She has lower body and the wings of an insect. She always flies and barely goes down to the ground.