• The Cave of The Giant Bird
    • ‘Boom~!’
      Suddenly, a roaring sound spread out all over the Doggebi Tower. It was from the mighty Doggebi Lord who got upset because weak humans have summoned himself. But the Doggebi Lord had calmed down soon and he laughed out loud. After 1 hour that’s his allowed time in the earth, he just moved to the Doggebi world.

      While the humans who got injured badly from the Doggebi Lord ran out of the Doggebi Tower, they saw that there’s a huge steel gate around the entrance of the Doggebi Tower. By the attack from the Doggebi Lord, the cliff near the entrance has fallen down and the huge green gate is shown to the world. There is a bronze statue of Doggebi on the green gate. It was actually the training area for the Doggebi warriors.

      The king, Hanin commanded to research that place and the high priests were dispatched. High priests searched all over the place and they found out the fact that the place is a training area for the Doggebi warriors. Everything in the training area was moving automatically by the magical power of Doggebi.

      The training area is divided into 3 different areas: ‘Destructing Key Points’, ‘Protecting Leader’, and ‘Suffering Valley’. Destructing Key Points is training of attacking the key points of enemy and protecting the key points of ally forces, Protecting Leader is training of protecting the leader of the troop, and Suffering Valley is training the combat against monsters.

      Originally the training area is for the Doggebi but the king, Hanin commanded to reconstruct it for the humans, famous priests, and carpenters joined the construction. After the training area is finally constructed, the king, Hanin named it as ‘Training Area for Warrior of Sky’

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