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PVP-Protecting Leader

What’s ‘Protecting Leader’?

‘Protecting Leader’, the second battle area of Scenario 3, is protecting your own leader so he/she can finish his/her mission and preventing enemy’s leader to succeed his/her mission.

Battle Progressing Time

- Time for Registering Guild : Every SUN/TUE/THU 4:00 ~ MON/WED/FRI 3:59
- Announcing the Selected Guilds : Every MON/WED/FRI 4:00 ~ 5:00
- Applying the Member of Participation : Every MON/WED/FRI 5:00 ~ 23:30
- Time of Battle : Every TUE/THU/SAT 0:10 ~ 1:16
- (But the total time can be reduced when one team wins the first 2 games)
- If the members who participate in this are fewer than six, that team will be withdrawn from the match.

Pic1. Opened Battle Area Entrance

Registering Guild & Registering the Members of Participation, Summoning

Registering the guild by the leader or the co-leader, Registering the Members of Participation, and summoning are same as the Scenario 3-1 ‘Destructing Key Points’.
But the it starts 1hour 30 minutes later than the ‘Destructing Key Points’ so the time for registering will be different.

Pic2. Guild Registering NPC

Area of ‘Protecting Leader’

Protecting Leader’s area is as shown below.

Pic3. Shape of Area

Starting Area

- You’ll stay here for 2minutes before the battle starts. This place is for preparing the battle.
The gate will open when the battle start.

Area for the Sealed Commanders

-The king seal the Spirits of Commanders and use them in the training area.
But the spirits are so powerful and they only can be held for 3minutes.
Their mission is to protect the Temple of Prayer from anyone who passes through them.
-Gate of Prayer
The gate for the Temple of Prayer. They’re on the both side.

Temple of Prayer

-The leader can pray here and the leader can get some scores when the time goes. At the end, one who gets more score, wins the battle.
Only one can pray at a time so you need to protect your leader and you also need to attack your enemy’s leader as well.

Battle Progressing

-The battle will be open 3 times and the team that wins the first 2 will be the final winner team. Each battle progresses for 20 minutes and there’ll be 2 minutes break on the each game.

Progressing Instruction

- The main objective is the protecting the leader.
- In the Battle area of ‘Protecting Leader’, the leader can’t be received any revival magic and can’t use the   High-Grade Scroll of Rebirth. The leader only can be revived automatically (it takes 30 seconds).
- After 2 minutes in the starting place, the gate of the starting place will be opened automatically.
- When you get out of the gate of the starting place, you’ll meet the sealed Commanders.

Pic4. Sealed Commanders
- The sealed commanders are automatically disappeared after 3 minutes but they’ll appear again at their place.
- The sealed commanders won’t be appeared after 15 minutes for 5 minutes.
- The sealed commanders drop Doggebi’s Certificate.
- With Doggebi’s certificate, you may trade the honor point from the General who collects the Doggebi’s certificate.

Pic5. The Passage to the Temple of Prayer
- For entering the Temple of Prayer, you need to destroy the Gate of Prayer.

Pic6. Gate of Prayer
- The leader must be protected from enemies so the leader can pray by clicking the Statue of Prayer.
- After the prayer is started, the leader can’t use any medicines or receive any healing types of magic.
  Also movement and defense are not possible, except chatting with others
- The leader gathers 25 points in every 20seconds during 5minutes after the leader started to pray and
  after that the leader gathers 25points in every 15seconds.
  (But the praying must be continued without any disturbance.)
- If the leader get died while he/she was praying, the leader must pray for 5minutes for gathering 25points
  in every 15seconds.
- If the enemy’s leader is praying, your leader can’t pray. You must attack the enemy’s leader to bother
  him/her to earn the points.
- If one guild reaches 1,500 points, the guild win the round and the round will be ended.
- If both guild didn’t reach at 1,500 points in 20 minutes, a guild with more points wins the round.
- If both guild didn’t reach at 1,500 points in 20 minutes and both guild have same points, the round will
  be ended without any winner.

Pic7. Statue of Prayer
- When a round is ended all player will be moved to the starting place and the gate will be closed.
- After 2 minutes, new round will be started. The sealed Commanders appear again and the Gate of Prayer   will be rebuilt again.
- Total of 3 rounds are played and the final battle is ended if any guild win the 2 rounds first.
- If the battle gets draw or 1win/1lose/1draw to the both guild, the final decision is made to be draw a game.

Items for Protecting Leader

- There’re some effective items are useable for ‘Protecting Leader’.
- This item only can be used during ‘Protecting Leader’

Portable Bomb
Image Description Price NPC Selling
Throw a bomb on a wanted place for a huge damage. 100,000geons Weapon Artisan in Narootuh

This item can be bought from the Weapon Artisan in Narootuh. This item can be used by clicking right mouse button.
When it clicked, there’ll be a white target sign and if you click the place you want to throw the bomb, the bomb will be thrown and it’ll be exploded.
However, it gives huge damage to anyone even the friendly forces (including one who used it) but except the leaders.
It only can be used once in 15 minutes.

Scroll of Invincibility
Image Description Remark
Making all attacks ineffectively from your enemies for 10seconds. Used by Guild Leader Only

It only can be used once in 1 minute 30seconds. It can’t be used while praying.

Scroll of Moving to the Leader
Image Description Remark
When it used, you’ll teleport to your leader. Used by Guild Members Only

It only can be used once in 5 minutes.
Scroll of Invincibility and Scroll of Moving to the Leader will be shown on the Kal Cash Item Shop soon.

Gathering Honor Points

- You may earn additional honor points depend on the objective.
  (Basically, points for the win/lose and killing enemy are same for all battle areas.)
- While the leader is praying, 10% of Prayer points will be added for the honor points to the all member of the guild.
- Also while the leader is praying, you can get 10 points for killing an enemy in the Temple of Prayer but the total additional
  points won’t be exceeded 200 points in 1 hour.
- Winner guild (all participant members) will get 4,000 points.
 (loser guild 500 honor points, draws, both guild get 1,000 points)

Battle Ends

- When the battle is ended, all participants are returned to the starting places and the gate is closed.
  You may get out the area by clicking the gate or wait 5 minutes for returning the saved village automatically.
- For the winner guild, a special buff (10% increment of item drop from monsters) will be prized and this
  buff will be disappeared when the next battle is started.

Pic8. Closed Gate