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PVP-Destructing Key Points

Destructing Key Points

‘Destructing Key Points’ is a Battle for attacking the enemy’s key points effectively and defending our key points. It’s progressing as following:

Pic1. Location of Blue Doggebi that Supports to Register

Progressing Instruction

1. Battle Progressing Time

- Every Mon/Wed/Fri starts from 23:00
- Time for Registering Guild : Every SUN/TUE/THU 3:00 ~ MON/WED/FRI 2:59
- Announcing the Selected Guilds : Every MON/WED/FRI 3:00 ~ 4:00
- Applying the Member of Participation : Every MON/WED/FRI 4:00 ~ 22:00
- Time of Battle : Every TUE/THU/SAT 23:00 ~ 24:00
If the members who participate in this are fewer than six, that team will be withdrawn from the match.

Pic 2. Battleground

3. Summoning

-Summoning is performed 5 minutes before the Battle starts for the ones who registered and each guild members are teleported to the their waiting place.
-5 minutes after the summoning is performed, anyone can talk to the NPC at the waiting place for teleporting to the battle area.
-At this moment, the registered members can be entered the battle area within 5 minutes.

4. Battle Progressing

In the center of the Battle area, there’s the Great Tower, the Big Tower is on the each team’s side, and the Small Towers are on the various places.
White Tiger’s towers are in red and Blue Dragon’s towers are in blue.
Both team must protect their tower from enemy’s attack and destroy the enemy’s towers.
Following picture is showing the image of the battle.

Pic 3. Battle Image

Processing Instruction

-When the battle is started, everyone at the waiting place can talk to the Doggebi NPC for teleporting to the battle area. Location of teleportation is end of each team’s side. Arriving at the battle area can not be done by walking from the waiting place.
-Magic Scrolls, Saving Scrolls of Location, and Moving Scrolls of Location can not be used in the Battle area.
-In Battle Area, White Tiger team’s ID will be in red and Blue Dragon team’s ID will be red. Also trading, giving any buff to the enemies, and making a party with enemies in the Battle Area.
-If you die in the Battle Area, you’ll teleport to at the waiting place. At this moment, there’ll be no penalty for death. You may also use the skill of revival or a Scroll of Rebirth.
-You may use the stairs to go up on the wall and attack some towers from the top of the wall.
-Towers can be upgraded with the upgrading item: Upgraded Model of Tower. But the tower that wants to be upgraded must not be attacked from anyone. The Upgraded Tower has 50% more HP than a normal tower but if it’s destroyed from the enemies, 1 more point goes to the enemy. The upgrading item for tower is available in cash item shop.
-Only enemies’ towers can be attacked but the Giant Tower can be attacked anyone when the seal is revealed. The points for the Giant Tower will go to the one who gave the most damage to the tower.
-All tower can not be attacked anytime there’re some certain conditions for the specific towers and the points for the towers are also different.

Kind of Tower Condition of Attack Points
Towers on the Left side of Friendly Force’s Base Possible 2 Points for each Tower
Towers on the Right side of Friendly Force’s Base If one the towers on the left side is destroyed 2 Points for each Tower
Towers on the Center If one the towers on the right side is destroyed 5 Points
Giant Tower If 4 or more of small towers are destroyed 3 Points
Upgraded Tower   Normal Points + 1

- Points will be added right after the tower is destroyed and the score will be displayed on the screen. At the end, one team that destroys the towers most will be the winner. If the score is tied, the winner is decided by destroying the Giant Tower.

5. Battle End

- When the Battle is finished, all attendance will be teleported to the waiting place and they’ll be teleport to the village after 5minustes. They also can talk to the NPC to teleport to the village.
- The winner team gets 10% of damage reducing buff for 48 hours. But this buff will not effect in the Battle Area.

List Earned honor score etc
Winning guild 4,000 Same as Protecting Leader
Lost guild 500
Withdraw 1,000
Killing Opponent Character 30x(Class + 1) 3,500 maximum
Value 6 7 8 9 10
Class Lieutenant Captain Major Colonel General