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What’s Honor System?

- Honor System is can participate from Lv.50.
- For proving the abilities in the Battle Area and get reward for your efforts.

Steps of the Honor System

- Following steps are performed weekly.

Getting Honor Points

-You only can get the honor points in the Battle Area and there’re 3 ways of doing it.
- Killing enemy
- Wining the Battle
- Succeeding the Objective for the Battle

I. Killing enemy

-Scenario 3 is a battle between a guild and a guild; 20 members from each guild. Battle with the enemies is necessary and you get point(s) for killing them.
-You get points by killing an enemy and you get more points if the enemy is higher class.
-There’s a limit for getting points by killing enemies.

II. Wining the Battle

- The winner team from the Battle gets 4,000 honor points and loser team not get honor points.
  And if draws, both teams get 750 honor points.

III. Succeeding the Objective for the Battle

There’s an objective for each Battle Area and you may get personal honor points according to your effort in the Battle Area.

Battle Areas Objective of Battle & Honor Points
Destructing Key Points Objective of this battle is to destroy the towers. The points will go to the one who destroy the tower: small tower for 300 points, big tower for 800 points, and giant tower for 500 points.
Protecting Leader Objective of this battle is to protect the leader of the guild. The points will go to the one who kill the enemy.
Suffering Valley Objective of this battle is to hunt monsters and restrain the enemy. The points will go to the one who hunt the monsters.

Reward for Honor Points

-You may get various advantages in Kalonline with the Reward Points that can be earned like the honor points from the Battle Area.
-Sometimes you need to reach at certain class for some rewards and honor points won’t be reduced when getting rewarded. Only the reward points will be reduced.
-All items for the rewards will be set as bound item so they won’t be tradable.

Honor coupon

- Honor coupon is presented to the leader of the winning guild, can use only once a day.
- And honor coupon can be traded.

Getting Honor Points

- Rewards you can get with Honor System

Rewards Class
Shield Shield of Grade 55
Ancient Accessory Rings and Protection Talismans with +3 of 2 status of character. But it can not be enchanted.
Hermit’s Accessory Rings and Protection Talismans that can be enchanted up to +7 with 1 status.
Skill Book You can learn new skills with this book. Just talk to the NPC with this book to learn new skills.
Transportation You may move faster than running with transportation.

※ The date of update of Rewards and Points will be announced later and more rewards can be added.

Honor Information

You may check your honor points and reward points from honor window by pressing ‘V’. It’ll display the information of your class, honor points, reward points, and etc.