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    Castle Siege system
    Castle Siege system is composed of declaration period, preparation period, and siege warfare period.
    And during this period, it is not possible to make or break alliance with other guilds.
    Processing Hours
    - Declaration period: Fri 1:00 am ~ Sat 1:00 am
    - Preparation period: Sat 1:00 am ~ Sun 1:00 am
    - Siege warfare period: Sun 1:00 am ~ 2:30 am (overtime : 10 minutes 3 times, total 30 minutes can be extended )
    Preparation of Castle Siege
    - You should register for participation in order to conquer castle in Castle Siege.
     (In a case of alliance, registration is restricted to guild leaders whose guild is not allied with alliance  leader.)
    - When you are around the area of Castle Siege, once you click on a Guard NPC, interface of ‘information of  Castle Siege’ will pop up to a guild leader or an alliance leader.
     Then, when you click on ‘Declaration of the war’, you are directly registered for castle siege.
    But this is only  limited to preparation period.
    - In order to participate for castle siege, you have to be guild level 4 or above.
    - Guild alliance will form [/ally Guild Name Period of Alliance]
     (Ex. [/ally A 3]: This means that you are allied with A guild for 3 days.
    - In guild alliance, period will show [days] of the alliance.
    - Guild alliance is restricted till the declaration of Castle siege
    - Fee for declaration of Castle siege takes 100,000 geons
    ※ numbers of alliance, and if you don’t have any alliance it will take 100,000 geons.

    - Cannon can be set up, disassembled, and controlled by the one who has achieved the artillery skill.
    - Artillery skill can be taught to ones who have done 2nd job from their Master NPC.
    - Guild members who have learned artillery skill can use Cannon only in castle siege.
    - Cannon can be set up only in cannon positions around the castle.
    - Once the cannon be set, you will not get your materials back.
    - In order to place and build cannon, you need to have materials, and these materials are sold by weapon artisan NPC who is in Narootuh.
    - There is a maximum and minimum range of the Cannon. If it’s out of range, the icon will turn in to red.
    - Cannon will show the name of guild and the name of the one who is in it.
    - In order to control the cannon, you have to board into it, and you will be safely protected from the outside attack.
    - When the castle siege warfare begins, inside and around the castle will be set as war area.
    - Your reviving point will be automatically set and teleport to it, when you are around the gate of castle or
     inside of castle.
    Setting the flag and Guild leader declaration
    - When a leader of ally sticks the flag, then it’s the phase of [Guild leader declaration status] for 5 minutes.
     And when they keep the flag for next 5 minutes safely, then setting the flag is fully finished.
    - After the phase of [Guild leader declaration status] passes, the leader of castle changes.
    - In the phase of [Guild leader declaration status], flag will blink since it’s not confirmed yet.
    - You will get damage by others’ attack even during the phase of [Guild leader declaration status].
    - Remaining time will appear in the center of each player’s screen who is participating in Castle siege during
     the phase of [Guild leader declaration status].
    - During the phase of [Guild leader declaration status], if the flag is destroyed by attack, the message that  says conquering the castle has failed will appear and the castle will remain as previous owner’s.
    - After the phase of [Guild leader declaration status], if the flag is not destroyed and kept, then the name of  new owner of castle will appear in the center of screen.
    - After the phase of [Guild leader declaration status], flag will keep its strength.
    - If time is up when guild leader besides defender is trying to set the flag, or when the phase of
     [Guild leader declaration status], there will be 10 minutes overtime given and it will appear in the center of
      your screen.
    - In the extended game, the time will be given maximum of 3 times (total 30 minutes).
    - After the extended game, guild that conquers the castle last wins. But, phase of
     [Guild leader declaration status] does not mean that you conquered the castle.
    - If there is no one who sets the flag till the end of the extended game, defenders win.
     But at the end of the extended game, if there is a guild that is in the phase of
     [Guild leader declaration status], then that guild wins.
    Location and Method of Castle Siege Declaration
    - Location of Castle siege takes place in Geum-Oh Main Castle at North west side of Narootuh
    - You can declare castle siege to the Guard NPC who stands in front of the castle gate.
    Castle Siege Buff
    Buff type
    Number of defensive successes Attack Side PVP Attack Increased Attack side PVP defense increased
    1 10% 10%
    2 20% 20%
    3 30% 30%
    4 40% 40%
    5 More than 50% 50%

    Buff calculation
    - All PVP buffs are computed in combination with the PVP capacity of the female column.
    (e.g. when a user with a 50% PVP attack force and 20% PVP defense has succeeded three times in public;
    50% PVP attack force + 30% > 80%, PVP defense 20% + 30% > 50% applied

    Buff Application
    1) Castle Siege is in progress
    2) Castle Siege Area
    3) Members of the Castle Siege Guild that applied for the Castle Siege (including the alliance)
    System of Castle Siege and Reward
    - Guild leader who has conquered the castle can control the tax of his area through Manager NPC.
    - He or she who conquers the castle can change tax from 85% ~ 115% and this authority only goes to
      leader who occupied the castle.
    - Existing price of items from the store will be 100% standard tax.
    - If there is no guild who conquers the castle, tax will set for 100%.
    - Winning guild will take (Tax-85)*0.3% of NPC market profits.
    When you join the castle siege, you are able to get the
    guild Honor point.
    Winning guild 1,500 Point
    Alliance guild 1,000 Point
    Losing guild 500 Point
    ※ The honor points will be given only to the participants who are participated 2/3 of time on Castle siege.