• Game System
    Classification and Efficacy of Talisman
    Normal Talisman Strengthening Attack Min/Max Attack Point Up Impossible
    Strengthening Magic Min/Max Magic Point Up Impossible
    Strengthening Accuracy Accuracy +1 Impossible
    Strengthening Defense Impossible Defense+1
    Prefix Talisman
    [Name]Talisman Ability is changed by the contents of the talisman ▶ View Types Of Prefix
    ※ Talismans can be bought from the merchant in each village or got from hunting monsters
    Drag and drop the talisman to enchant item and click OK for continuing.
    It can be success or fail..

    < When Enchanting Succeed >                        < When Enchanting Failed>
    When Enchanting Succeed
    - Item's efficacy is increased when the enchanting is succeeded.
    - When enchanting level goes increased, probability of success goes down.
    ※ For prefix talisman, only one option will add to the item by the probability of success.
    When Enchanting Failed
    - When enchanting fails, the duration of item goes down randomly from 1 ~ 3.
    ※ For prefix talisman, the duration of item goes down by 5.
    - If the duration of item reached '0', the item gets destroyed. (The duration of item can be fixed with fixing tool.)
    Condition of Enchanting Talisman
    * Enchanting can only be tried on the level 40 or higher level of item.
    ※ For prefix talisman, level doesn't matter
    * The item's duration must be 1 or higher for enchanting.
    * Enchanting can only be tried on the items that are not equipped.
    Fixing Tool
    * Fixing tools can be bought in the shop.
    * When the fixing tool is used, the duration of the item recovers it by 1.
    * Doggebi’s Fixing Tool: The damaged item can be fully repaired.
      But, its endurance can go down to 1, and the item will be destoryed if using it when its endurance is lower than 4.
      (* It can be easy to go down to endurance 1 when you try to fix the item of lower endurance.)