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      • SwordTrickster Story
        Women's prosecutors who live with nature as friends in the forest.
        It is known that "fish-killing," a place where swords are manipulated from the sky by using an internal attack,
        can only be performed through extreme training.
        Strange to say, they are all young women.
        In his right hand he used a long sword, "Non-marriage Road," and in his left he took care of the non-mixed road,
        depending on the circumstances;
        Using fencing and simple magic techniques, the sword is embodied.
        There's a master in the street who leads them, and the mystical wit of the forest has their potential.
        The story is said to have been extremely raised.

        SwordTrickster Character

        An irregular attack that instantaneously changes the position of the enemy and themselves. principal status force

        Job Tree & Features of Sword Trickster

        1.Sword Trickster
        It is basically suitable for close-range fighting using swords.
        They use the "fishing technique," which involves manipulating swords from the sky, to hit long-distance enemies.

        2.Mind Sword
        This is a situation dedicated to controlling my position with my enemies.
        He is skilled in the tactics of dragging many enemies and instantly jumping into them and attacking them.