• T&S System
    About Teacher and Student System
    T&S system is the system which can directly get some economical benefit from the relationship between existing players and beginners.
    Benefit T&S system
    If you get a teacher, you will get five armor parts(grade 8).
    If you come to Lv.16, you will get 20,000 Zamogeon.
    If you come to Lv.30, you will get 50,000 Zamogeon.
    In accordance with student's level, teacher can get some amount of Zamogeon, about 5~20 geon, as tuition fee from his students' Zamogeon gathered by hunting.
    The tuition is given to teachers by the system, not from student's Zamogeon. To get tuition, teacher must be on-line.
    Accumulated tuition will be given automatically to the storage when it comes to 100 geon.
    If your student comes to Lv.16(30), you will get 20,000(50,000) geon.
    ※ No teachers can get more than 100 million from T&S system.
    Diagram if T&S System
    Other Features
    - The maximum number of teachers that you can take is two(a Teacher and a Grand Teacher) and the maximum number of students that you can take is 420(20 students and 400 students of your student's).
    - You can check the connection of your students or teachers through the command of "/relation".
    - You can also check the level of your students. Chat and notice between teacher and student are available.