• Quest System
    Normal Quest
    Click the menu icon on the upper right corner or press ‘Q’ button to see your mission. there're some bonus and penalty.
    Select the mission that is wanted to be cleared and you can see where you need to go on the mini-map.
    According to the content of the mission, clear the mission.
    TIP1: Click the mini-map icon or press 'M' button to open the mini-map. You may confirm NPC & your location on the mini-map. If you open the mission window and selected the mission, you may see where you need to go on the mini-map.
    TIP2: There're some quests that has multi endings by clearing different way. Rewords may different if you clearthe quest in different way.
    Tasks usually take short amount of time to finish and rewords are also minimum. It ' s more like bonus quests and most tasks are done by hunting and collecting items. You may get rewords like items, EXP, skill points, and etc by clearing the tasks.
    Tasks Limitation Starting NPC
    Favor of Sailor Gwang-Chun - Sailor, Gwang-Chun
    Message Collection - Chief guard, Sea-Geun
    Grasp the Situation of Demons - Chief guard, Mak-Ahnsoo
    General, Poong-seup's Missing Level 6 Farmer, Ji-Hun
    Farmer, Noo-Woong's Favor Level 8 Farmer, Noo-Woong
    Farmer, Ha-Jik's Favor Level 10 Farmer, Ha-Jik
    Won-jung and Yeh-jin's Love Level 11 Guard, Won-Jung
    Sweeping the Demon Carcass Scavenger Level 12 General, Sae-Won
    Finding Tonic Level 13 Chief guard, Guh-Sosun
    Finding Alcohol for Joo-Nong Level 14 Miner, Joo-Nong
    Undelivered Rice Cake Level 15 Miner, Ghee-Sik
    Wa-Ryu's Talisman Level 16 Wa-Ryu
    Finding Yeh-jin's Father Level 17 Yeh-jin
    Collecting Yang-Do's Bamboo Poles Level 18 Guard, Yang-Do
    Finding the Statue of Protection Level 19 Miner, Ghee-Sik
    Ja-Gan's Good Conduct Level 20 Ja-Gan
    Getting Red Flags Level 21 General, Sae-Won
    Beheading the Demon
    Water Dragon
    Level 23 General, Sae-Won
    Demon's Drum Level 25 General, Sae-Won
    Collecting Armors Level 26 Chief guard, Guh-Sosun
    Collecting Clothes that are Stained with Blood Level 27 Guard, Won-Jung
    Materials of Winter Clothes Level 28 Chief guard, Guh-Sosun
    Hunting the Demon Mad Knight Level 29 General, Sae-Won
    Moon-Hee Who Became a Ghost Level 30 Moon-Hee's mother
    Hunting Ghost Level 31 Guard, Heung-Pae
    Bead of Ghost Level 32 Chief Guard, Duk-Yoon
    Helping Yang-Do Level 33 Guard, Yang-Do
    Ghost of Blacksmith Level 34 Guard, Soo-Go
    Ghost of Friends Level 35 Guard, Dan-Bok
    Joong-Gwon's Disease Level 36 Miner Gwee-Sik
    Undetected Ghost Level 37 Guard, Ga-Gee
    Dilemma of Jae-Ga Troop's Scouts Level 38 Guard, Soo-Sung
    Devil Soldier with Bow Level 39 Soldier, Yoo-Sang
    Lim-Gang's Favor Level 40 Soldier, Lim-Gang
    Dutiful Son and His Father Level 41 To-Woo
    Eliminating Devil Troop of Pain Level 41 Mask of Ghost Hunter [Woo-Joong]
    Favor of Gi-Jung, the Chief of the Volunteer Army of Justice Level 42 Gi-Jung
    Eliminating Devil Troop of Greed Level 42 Mask of Ghost Hunter [Joa-Ill]
    Seoung-Gill Who is Wandering the World Level 43 Seoung-Gill
    Eliminating Devil Troop of Jealousy Level 43 Mask of Ghost Hunter [Geun-Pyung]
    Escape of Hak-Goo Level 44 Hak-Goo
    Eliminating Devil Troop of Hatred Level 44 Mask of Ghost Hunter [Dan-Joong]
    A Favor of the Doggebi Who Wants To Be a Friend with Humans Level 45 Doggebi in the Doggebi Forest
    Eliminating Devil Troop of Madness Level 45 Mask of Ghost Hunter [Choi-Choong
    The Limper's Favor Level 46 Limper
    The Blind Man's Favor Level 47 Blind Man
    The Coward Level 48 Coward
    The Hunchback's Favor Level 49 Hunchback
    The Deaf Man's Favor Level 50 Deaf Man
    One-Armed Man's Favor Level 51 One-Armed Man
    Legend of the Oh-Do Canyon Bridge Level 52 Manager
    The Dead People Around The Tomb(1) Level 53 Ja-Sang
    The Dead People Around The Tomb (2) Level 54 Tomb Keeper [Gang-Man]
    The Dead People Around The Tomb (3) Level 55 Tomb Keeper [Gang-Man]
    The Dead People Around The Tomb (4) Level 56 Tomb Keeper [Gang-Man]
    The Dead People Around The Tomb(5) Level 57 Tomb Keeper [Gang-Man]
    The Dead People Around The Tomb (6) Level 58 Tomb Keeper [Gang-Man]
    The Dead People Around The Tomb (7) Level 59 Tomb Keeper [Gang-Man]
    The Dead People Around The Tomb (8) Level 60 Tomb Keeper [Gang-Man]
    Deciphering Level 70 Soo-Ryun
    Block up Goblins'
    information interchange
    Level 70 Soo-Ryun
    Source of Demons' power Level 70 Soo-Ryun
    Death of the chief of
    Crazy Demon Workers
    Level 70 Soo-Ryun
    Wiping out the remnants
    of skeletons
    Level 70 Soo-Ryun
    Participating in a competition Level 70 Yun-Hwa
    Making a complete suit of armor Level 70 Yun-Hwa
    Restoring soldiers' health Level 70 Yun-Hwa
    The Knoll's temporary fort Level 70 Yun-Hwa
    An urgent session Level 70 Yun-Hwa
    Wild Boar's horn Level 70 Dae-Gil
    Dae-Gil's anxiety Level 70 Dae-Gil
    The end of Demon tribe Level 70 Dae-Gil
    D'evah's suspicious activities Level 70 Dae-Gil
    Guard of D'evah's Commander Level 70 Dae-Gil
    Event usually takes much time to clear and you get more rewords than the tasks. Also you may experience the main story of the game. The difference between task and event is the camera effects by the scripts.
    Event Process Event Limitation Starting NPC
    1 Beginning of Long Journey - -
    2 Appointment of General In-Pill Event 1 Cleared Chun-Sooin
    3 Favor of the Governor of Geum-Ohee Castle Event 2Cleared The General, In-Pill
    4 Entering the Government Service! Event 3 Cleared & Level 30 HyungJoo-SeungGong
    5 Afterimage of Red Feather Event 4 Cleared Hyun-Choong
    6 Evil Mind of Ban-go Event 5 Cleared Jae-Ga
    7 Green of Doggebi Forest Event 6 Cleared, Level 40 Jae-Ga
    8 Angry Doggebi Troop Event 7 Cleared, Level 44 Chief of Angry Doggebi Troop
    9 New Government Position! Event 8 Cleared, Level 50 Jae-Ga
    ※ You may change your job after event 4 is cleared and when the event 9 is finished, you may change
    your job to upper class.
    3rd Job Change Quest.
    1. The Job change quests are set in The Forest of Elements, and require party play due to the strong enemies.
    2. Quest NPC starts with Jae-Gah, in charge of 2nd Job Change, and includes a new NPC, Suh-An, in the City of Priests.
    NO Quest NPC Information Requirements
    1 To the Forest of Elements Jae-Gah Meet Suh-An in the City of Priests Lv.70 with 2nd Job
    2 Eradicating the corrupt Elements Suh-an Gather 10 of each elements in the Forest of Elements Jae-Gah’s Introduction
    3 Purifying the Corrupt Elements Suh-an Purify the Elements in the Alter of the Forest of the Elements. 10 of each elements
    4 Ritual for the Elements 1 Suh-an Gather the evil sacrifice for the ritual 1 of Each purified Elements
    5 Ritual for the Elements 2 Suh-an Gather more powerful Sacrifices 4 Evil Sacrifices
    6 Promotion Suh-an 3rd Job Change Complete scale of the Imoogi Horn of the Doggebi Lord
    Other Event Quests
    1. Players who completed the 3rd Job Change, and are over Lv. 75, can receive these event quests.
    2. Quest NPC, Soo-Ryun, is located in the Valley of Devah.
    Event List Information Requirements NPC
    Requirements of the Moo-Geuk Warrior 1 Collect the pelts of the Devah Wolves.. 3rd Job and over Lv.75 Soo-Ryun
    Requirements of the Moo-Geuk Warrior 2 Collect the meat of Devah Wild Boars 3rd Job and over Lv.76 Soo-Ryun
    Requirements of the Moo-Geuk Warrior 3 Talk to the Elder Beum-Soo in Cheon-Ji Yeon 3rd Job and over Lv.77 Soo-Ryun
    Requirements of the Moo-Geuk Warrior 4 Collect the Bile of Devah Bear 3rd Job and over Lv.78 Beum-Soo
    Additional Event Quest
    Explanation on the Additional Event Quest.
    (1) If you can attain the level for quest, you can process event quest..
    (2) The quest will be processed through NPC ‘Royal Inspector’ in Each village entrance..
    The Additional Event Quest list.
    Quest name Tasks Limitation Starting NPC
    Meeting with The Royal Inspector Meeting with The Royal Inspector in Narootuh village LV.1 [Narootuh village]The Royal Inspector
    Odd omen Kill one Odd Demon Scout. LV. 10 [Narootuh village]The Royal Inspector
    Evil sign Kill one Mad Demon Infantry. LV. 20 [Geum-Oh Mine.]The Royal Inspector
    Fierce attack Kill one Frenzy Demon Flag Bearer LV. 25 [Geum-Oh Mine.]The Royal Inspector
    Abnormality Kill one Goofy Demon Band LV. 30 [Geum-Oh Mine.]The Royal Inspector
    mysterious energy Kill one Odd Demon Mad Knight LV. 33 [Geum-Oh Mine.] The Royal Inspector
    Revealed unofficial history Kill one Regrettable Ghost of Young Woman LV. 36 [ Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle] The Royal Inspector
    Solving the grudge Kill one Cruel Ghost of Guard. LV. 39 [ Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle] The Royal Inspector
    Continued puzzle Kill one Obsessed Devil Soldier. LV. 42 [ Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle] The Royal Inspector
    Faint clue Kill one Crazed Demon Water Dragon Commander LV. 45 [ Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle] The Royal Inspector
    Bitter truth Kill one Mutated Warrior of Shadow Troop LV. 48 [Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle] The Royal Inspector
    Reiteration conspiracy Kill one Angry Doggebi of Monster Face LV. 51 [ Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle] The Royal Inspector
    Revealed scheme Kill one Corrupt Guardian of Doggebi LV. 54 [ Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle] The Royal Inspector
    Fierce disturb Kill one Ruled by a Rotten Skeleton Warrior of theRoyal Tomb LV. 57 [The Pub of the Giant Bird.] The Royal Inspector
    A new beginning Kill one betrayal Minister of the Royal Tomb. LV. 60 [The Pub of the Giant Bird.]The Royal Inspector
    Additional Normal Quest list.
    Tasks Limitation Starting NPC
    Scout surrounding the Tower of Doggebi (1) LV. 52, reiteration conspiracy [Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle]The Royal Inspector
    Scout surrounding the Tower of Doggebi (2) LV. 53, Scout surrounding the Tower of Doggebi (1) [Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle.]The Royal Inspector
    Scout surrounding the Tower of Doggebi (3) LV. 53, Scout surrounding the Tower of Doggebi (2) [Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle] The Royal Inspector