• Yin-Yang Mirror System
    Introduction of Yin-Yang Mirror System
    - It’s an Yin-Yang Mirror System that you can obtain certain abilities with Eight Trigrams and Taegeuk
      activated by Yin-Yang Mirror.
    - Each of Eight Trigrams gives you special abilities when wearing Yin-Yang Mirror.
    - Set effect of Eight Trigrams is activated by Yin-Yang Mirror item and applied to your character only
      when wearing Yin-Yang Mirror. (Refer to the part of Activation Condition)
    - Additional effect is obtainable by Trigram Absorption.
    - Yin-Yang Mirror and Trigram are divided into Apprentice, Novice and Senior grades.
    Effect Activation Requirement
    - Yin-Yang Mirror System is available only when wearing items are in grade order as below.
    Yin-Yang Mirror grade ≥ Taegeuk grade ≥ Trigram grade
    (Wearing and Activation are unavailable in reverse)
    Ex) Novice Yin-Yang Mirror + Novice Taegeuk + Apprentice Trigram = Activation Available
    Apprentice Yin-Yang Mirror + Novice Taegeuk + Novice Trigram = Activation Unavailable
      1) Yin-Yang Mirror : It’s essential precondition for activation of this system.
    (You can wear it when all Eight Trigrams are wore.)
    2) Trigram (8 kinds) : Each Trigram has the right slot and different ability.
    (Refer to Trigram menu for details)
    3) Taegeuk : It can be worn only when wearing all of Eight Trigrams.
    4) Trigram Absorption : Trigram Absorption is possible with this button.
    (Refer to Taegeuk menu for details)