• Game System
  • PVP System
    Introduction of Duel (PvP)
    - Basically, the duel begins under the agreement of both parties and there are no penalties on both winner and loser.
    - By the duel (PvP), both players will be able to test who is stronger than the other.
    Starting the Duel (PvP)
    - Type "/duel PLAYER NAME" on chatting window to challenge the player for a duel.
    - [Duel] can be started from anywhere when the player who received the request accepts it.
    - [Duel] will end by draw if there is no conclusion in 10 minutes.
    - [Duel] will end when one of the players’ HP drops to ‘0’ and gets fainted.
    - The player who lost from the [Duel] can be revived by using the ‘revive’ button.
    - There is no EXP loss even if the player lost from the [Duel].
    - The [Duel] can be ended instantly by one typing "/surrender" on the chatting window.
    - The monsters still can attack you while the [Duel] is in progressing so it would be better to have a duel at a safe place.