• Economy System
    Gold Bank
    A place which KalOnline players can issue and deposit Gold bars at, also, gain interests by deposit Gold bars.
    - Exchange 100 Gold coins to a Gold bar. (Every Gold bar has its own issue number)
    - Offer a place to keep Gold bars.
    - Pay interests to players for kept Gold bars.
    NPC [Gold Manager] Service Location
    - Issues Gold bars
    - Keeps Gold bars
    - Pays interests
    - [Kumchoen] in Village of Narootuh
    - [Kumgang] in Temporary Fort of Gaum-Ohee castle
    - [Kumghae] in City of Priest
    How to use
    1. Items
    Image Description Note

    Gold bar
    - Players can issue a Gold bar from [Gold Manager] (1 Gold bar = 100 Gold coins)
    - Interest accrues to every deposited Gold bar daily.
    - Every Gold bar has its own issue number(e.g. 12345678)
    - Value 100,000,000Geon when sell it to NPC
    -Costs 10,000Geon to issue a gold bar.
    -Gold bars will be used for soon-to-be updated game contents.

    Gold coin
    - Value 1,000,000Geon when sell it to NPC
    - Can be only obtained from Treasure Box
    2. How to use
    - A Gold bar will be issued when players completed a repeat quest collecting 100 gold coins.
    - 1,000Geon fee will be charged for withdrawal of Gold bar or accrued interests.
    - When players have Geon in inventory less than fee(1,000Geon), withdrawal will be unavailable.
    - 5 open slots can be used to deposit Gold bars for free and 15 more slots available for open fee
      (100~300Geon each).
    3. Interests
    - Interest for Gold bar accrues EVERYDAY.
      (Gold bar has to stay in Gold Bank until Tursday maintenance)
    - Interest accruable Period: 11:00am ~ 11:00am following day (KST/GMT + 9)
    - Gained interest for 7days will be paid to your Gold Bank account on a week after maintenance day.
    - Interest won’t be paid if players withdraw Gold bars before maintenance.
    - Rate of interest will be applied depends on total amount of Geon in server.
    - Using extra slots gives players extra interest. (e.g: Daily interest + 100~300Geon per slot)
    - Payable interest can accrue up to 100,000,000Geon in Gold Bank.