• Quest System
    Repeat Quest
    Repeatable quest
    (1) Repeatable quests can be completed indefinitely.
    (2)You will earn some experience points and a reward item bundle for completing the Repeatable quests.
    (3)Repeatable quests can be obtained by talking to Jade in the Hondel Region. You may start more than one Repeatable quest at once.
    Quest Required quantity Associated monster Performance Rating
    Troublesome Desert Scorpion 30 Desert Scorpion 75
    Suspicious Movement 30 Skeleton Soldier, Skeleton Archer 75
    Twisted Demon Warrior's retaliation 30 Twisted Demon Warrior 75
    Xill eradication 30 Xill, Xill Archer 75
    Monster Solution 30 Starved Xill soldier, Xill Conjurator 75
    Intruder of Hondel 10 Master Skeleton Warrior,Master Skeleton Archer 75
    Reducing the number of the Master Wraith 10 Master Wraith 75