• Infinite Necklace
  • Infinite Necklace
    -Infinite Doggebi's loot Necklace with infinite power update!
    -Infinite can be engraved as a talisman.
    -Infinite Necklace can be obtained after defeating Infinite Doggebi in Infinite's Tower.
    -Infinite Necklace can be destroyed with a certain probability when the engraving fails, and Hermit's Water can be used to prevent it from being destroyed.
    -Infinite Necklace has an HP 2000 option, and one random option is added when acquired.
    Random option
    power Min attack power
    wisdom Max attack power
    Intellect Min Magic Attack
    health Max Magic Attack
    Talisman of Infinity
    It is a talisman that only can be used on Infinite Necklace for enchanting. It increases Attack and Magic Attack, OTP.
    Talisman of Infinity can be purchased as Reward Point from the Specialist of King's Troop NPC in Narootuh village.