• Interface

    • Number Name Description
      1 Job Pro displays the current character
      2 Level Displays the current character level
      3 Nick Name NickName of the character display.
      4 MP Character’s magic point.
      5 HP Character’s health point.
      6 Info. Window of the Target Displays currently targeted enemy’s name and its health info.
      7 Menu Window Displays character’s info. / inventory / skills / party / mission / map
      and changes game Setting.
      8 Quicj Slots Available to paste on the skills that are used often.
      9 Message Window Different color explains different type of situation in message.
      10 Chatting Window Display normal chatting contents in white color and whisper in blue color.
      It also classifies the option of chat group.
      11 EXP Character’s exp. bar
      When the lower exp gauge gets full, the uppper gauge increases by one box and
      when 10boxes are fulfilled, it leads to level-up
      12 Ancient Animal Kalonline Transfomation If you are to have the Ancient Animal Transformation available.