• Economy System
    Introduction of Speed-up medicine
    This item is designed for convenience of knights and archers. It can make them to be free to use speeding up skill whenever they wish to.
    Manufacturing Method and Effect
    Effect It Increases speed of movement for 30 minutes (Level 3 of speed up skill).
    Achievement You only can make it and it is not sold at the store.
    Manufacturing Method - When you bring 1 sea bream, 1 bamboo keg and 4 demon’s blood to a
    chemist (NPC), then he makes it to 1 melting sea bream.
    - You can receive speed-up medicine for 500 geons when you bring
    Melting sea -bream to chemist.
    Achieving Materials - Sea-Bream: Achieved by fishery(Fish trap)
    - Bamboo-keg : Sold by a chemist of speed up
    - Demon’s blood : Achieved from the fight with monster
    - Melting Sea-bream : Achieved from the fight with monster
    Etc Demons easily give demon’s blood, but you still can achieve it from other monsters.