• Yin-Yang Mirror System
    - Taegeuk gives your character certain abilities by gathering the abilities of Eight Trigrams. (Yin-Yang Mirror required)
      - Its grade is divided into Apprentice, Novice and Senior.
    - You can’t wear Taegeuk which has a lower grade than Trigram.
    - It is bound to account and impossible to trade.
    - You can wear it only when wearing all of Eight Trigrams.
    - There are two kinds effects of Taegeuk, basic and Trigram Absorption
    Basic Effect of Taegeuk
    : One of following basic effects is given to Taegeuk randomly when it is made for the first time.
    Item Def Eva OTP
    Apprentice Taegeuk 4 1 1
    Novice Taegeuk 10 2 2
    Senior Taegeuk 25 4 4
    Trigram absorption
    - By Trigram absorption with Taegeuk, you can get additional abilities
    - Additional effect is applied to Taegeuk.
    - Activation Requirement of Trigram absorption
      1. The grades of 8 Trigrams should same.
      2. All 8 Trigrams should be enchanted more than +5.
      3. All 8 Trigrams should be worn.
      4. The grade of Taegeuk should be same or higher than Trigram.
      5. Taegeuk should be taken off for Trigram absorption
    Trigram absorption UI
      1) Trigram Absorption
    : UI appears when the absorption condition is satisfied.
    2) Click the Trigram Absorption button
    : Available Taegeuk is shown in the inventory on the bottom left side of UI.
    3) Absorption Taegeuk
    : Drag Taegeuk for Trigram absorption to the middle slot among 8 Trigrams.
    4) Trigram Absorption button
    : It is available when there are Trigram to enchant and Material Trigram.
    5) Trigram Absorption confirm
    : Trigram absorption is activated when clicking Trigram absorption button.
    The effect of Trigram Absorption
    - Trigram Absorption activates when wearing enchanted more than +5.
    - If you wear the +10 Trigrams set, the ability of Absorption effect will be increased.
    Image Item Grade and Level Basic Effect Trigram Absorption
    Apprentice Taegeuk 30 1 1
    Novice Taegeuk 50
    Senior Taegeuk 75 1 ~ 2
    How to make Taegeuk
    - NPC
    NPC Name Image Location
    Artisan Doggebi Geum-Oh Mine
    - UI : Accessories Tap
    - Required Items
      Bronze Silica stone Jasper Silver Gold Zamogeon
    Apprentice 3 3 1 - - 5,000
    Novice 36 36 9 9 - 1,000,000
    Senior 144 144 24 24 4 14,000,000