• Yin-Yang Mirror System
    - There are eight kinds of Trigram and the effect will be applied to your character only when wearing Yin-Yang Mirror.
    - You should wear Yin-Yang Mirror to operate Trigram’s effect.
      - Each Trigram has certain ability.
    - Its grade is divided into Apprentice, Novice and Senior.
    - You can’t wear the Trigram enchanted with different grade from wearing one.
    - The effects of Trigrams’ abilities can be increased by enchanting.
    - You can wear only the Trigram enchanted more than +1.
    - You can’t wear Trigram which has higher grade than Yin-Yang Mirror and Taegeuk.
    - You can move, exchange or sell it.
    Geon Tae I Jin Son Gam Gan Gon
    HP MP ATK/Mg.ATK Str Dex Int Wis Hth
    * Go clockwise from row 1 column 1
    Image Grade Level Get from
    Apprentice 30G Monster
    Novice 50G Monster
    Senior 75G Monster
    Enchanting Trigram
    - It can be downgraded if you fail to enchant Trigram.
    - You can’t use Polishing Stone or Hermit’s Water when enchanting Trigram.
    - You can only enchant the Trigram by using a clear and the same part of Trigram as a material.
    - You can enchant Trigram up to +15.
    Enchanting NPC
    NPC Name Image Location
    Blacksmith Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle
    Enchanting UI
      1) Trigram to enchant
    - Put Trigram to enchant in the middle of UI. Both of clean and enchanted Trigrams are available.

    2) Material Trigram
    - Material Trigram (Not enchanted) will be put here automatically when Trigram to enchant is put. And the name of Trigram to enchant and Material Trigram should be same.

    3) Confirm button
    -This button will be available when Trigram to enchant and Material Trigram are put.