The first Korean fantasy


Located in northwest, sea in the west and the Geumo Mountain is on northeast.
The road to the southeast is to the capital, Chunggoo. The Geumo mountain has plenty of steel and it's the biggest mine in Naraeha, so the city is developed with steel industry. Geumohryung is connected to Highland of Sky and Chungsong to the north and it's also connected to the capital Chunggoo to the south.
  1. Narootuh village
    Narootuh village was a small fishing village, however as its iron industry boomed, it rose as a transfort center for iron and steel. 40 years ago, Bango assailed Narootuh village with all of his soldiers, but it finally ended in failure by the struggle of the two generals of Geumohryung and their eight subordinates. Son of the sky commanded his lieges to build ten statues in order to propitiate the soul of the ten heroes honorably fallen. Till now people firmly believe that the fallen heroes are protecting the western sea of Guemohryung from enemies.  
  2.   Ohdo Gorge and Bridge
    It is said that the Golden Crow has lived in Guem-Oh Mountain and Ohdo Gorge is the path that the Golden Crow comes and goes. A bridge for the overland transferation of iron and steel has been constructed in Ohdo Gorge. This bridge is so sturdy that any horse and cart can pass through, however people have performed ancestral rites to the bridge to be able to pass it through safely as it is regarded that this gorge is a secred area where the Golden Crow passes.  
  3.   Geum-hOh Mine
    There are a lot of mines in Geum-Oh Mountain. Most of all mines have been closed up by demons, but the first mine of Guem-Oh has still remained with a strong defense. This mine has an inexhaustible deposit of iron ore and is the best iron mine of the world now. The iron from the mine is importantly used for new weapons. Workers of Guem-Oh Mine came from Guem-Ohee Castle or Guem-Ohil Castle and most of them stay in the miner's lodging near each mine.  
  4.   Geum-Ohee Castle
    The reconstruction of the Geum-Ohee Castle that burnt down by the War of Tang-Rok went well until Bango's demons invaded. They invaded and attacked Geum-Ohee Castle by ship and the Geum-Ohee Castle under reconstrunction was finally fallen to Bango. Now Geum-Ohee Castle is a den of demons. As Geum-Ohee Castle cannot be got back right away, Baedal prevented demons from going out by isolating Geum-Ohee Castle.  
  5.   Forest of Statues
    Taking Geum-Ohee Castle in a short time, Bango showed another suspicious movement. By the advance toward Forest of Statues from Geum-Ohee Castle, the reason that he attacked Geum-Ohee Castle was turned out clearly. On the other hand, it was also turned out that he had tried to get a supernatural power of Doggebi by taking Forest of Statures which is one of Doggebies' secred places. After all, these all were the Bango's plot not only to take his revenge but also to bring to the end of the world with full of demons.  
  6.   Abandoned Grave
    An unknown tomb has been found out in Forest of Statues. By its large scale and fency ancient tomb mural, it is estimated that this is the oldest tomb that has ever been found till now and is built for a high official or an imperator. It was hardly approachable for scholars as it has been used as a hideout of Doggebies until found out. To make matters worse, recently Bango's Devil Troops invaded the tomb and fought against Deggebies. It is no better than a bettlefiled already.  
  7.   The Royal Tomb
    Royal Tomb opening its mouth in Highland of Sky is regarded as the Roof of Geum-Oh Mountains. Of tombs there, those with large stone gates and huge burial mound are legacy of ancient kings. Putting on airs of their elegance for over 1,000 years, they have provided explorers with the opportunity to challenge. The spoils of Royal Tomb were enough for explorers to make a boast of their tales of bravery and they provided scholar with the solution to ancient incantations.  
  8.   The Royal Tomb (Dungeon)
    Explorers have been trying to find ancient king's tombs since they have many secrets and treasures in them. But, Guardians in tomb have disallowed anyone to get into, but even if he/she did, nobody could come back alive. It was ascertained that Bango had his eye on the ancient treasures in tombs and dispatched demons to rob them secretly. The sanguinary collusion between tomb's guardians and Bango's demons eventually made tombs little battlefields.  
  9.   Highland of Sky
    It is said that Highland of Sky is the nest of the Giant Bird. Short trees and plants under the cold and dry weather grow in this area, located in the northward from the Cave of the Giant Bird and Geum-Oh Valley, encircled by mountain chains with perpetual snow. It has been considered to be a secred place being called as the Nest of the Giant Bird and the Golden Crow. Bango is going to break the bound between this world and the otherworld, and to release demons throughout the world. He commanded his soldiers to invade and take Highland of Sky summoning Gigantic Species Warriors. Accordingly, Son of the sky is gathering heroes and heroines to exterminate the Bango's demons.  
  10.   Tower of Doggebi
    The Tower of Doggebi came up which is a Doggebi's territory and stronghold. It is said that Tower of Doggebi shows its face when a virgin's blood run along the waterhold with full moon and that it has existed by the contortion between this world and the otherworld. It was not long before getting to know the fact that the man who designed all these plots was Bango. Having had a storong interest in the hidden supernatural power of Doggebi, Bango finally found out Tower of Doggebi. His demon soldiers were dispatched and struggled for the Doggebi's power. By doggebi warriors' strong resistance, demon solders didn't take Tower of Doggebi yet, however Doggebi worriors have been getting weaker by Bango's ceaseless assault.  
  11.   The Cave of The Giant Bird
    The entrance of the Cave of the Giant Bird is found in the north mountainous area of Highland of Sky, and the Cave of the Giant Bird consists of a six-story dungeon. The upper stories come near to a natural cave that is really damp and mossy, and stalactites are found in. The water collects in a depression of the ground and runs arong the road. Going down the lower stories, you can find out artificial structures. The deomon creator named Demon Nest that looks like abdomen of an insect is located on the highest story.  
  12.   Battle Area
    By a thundering cry of Doggebi Lord that got angry by being summoned, the cliff near the entrance of Doggebi Tower gave way and a big iron gate revealed. The training fields of Doggebi soldiers hidden for about 1,000 years finally loomed up. It consists of three courses named "Destructing Key Points", "Protecting Leader" and "Suffering Valley". Destructing Key Points is to attack enemy base with strategies and tatics. Protecting Leader is to attack the enemy's leader protecting your leader efficiently. Suffering Valley is to train against both the enemy's sudden attacks and monster hunt. Son of the sky reformed this training place and encouraged challengers to use it by giving sufficient reward to those who obtain good results there.  
  13.   E-Mok Island
    E-Mok is the large island, which is located in the southward far away from Narootuh and can be got by ship only. The island was named E-Mok since E-Moogi had lived in the deep of the island. There are many monsters that looks like a large snake. Bango has built Temples of Dragons and put Nails of Dragons, but the Temple of Dragon in E-Mok was not destroyed as it was so far from Geum-Oh Mountain that no one knew E-Mok Island also had one. Further, Demon Crack Soldiers and E-Moogies that Bango has put in E-Mok Island for protecting the temple got mad by the influence of Nails of Dragons and they finally got stronger power.  
  14.   Tower of Priest
    GuhBalhan who was born in the egg of black crow made up the world. GuhBalHan had gathered elements and doggebis so that he could fall demons to hell. And he completed his own purpose by vanishing to make the universe and the whole creations. After GuhBalHan disappeared, doggebi lord who ruled over the highland of the sky was fool enough to commit tyranny. Elements who were not interested in the world left to west. Priests were the ones who stayed in the highland of the sky and kept city of the priest. After elements were gone, the Forrest of Elements was sealed.  
  15.   Forrest of Element
    Emperor Temoth he was all anxiety for the contract that he’d made with I’Lryer prior to the abolishment of the Balkhan Emperor and unification of Geheneh. “I’ll give you a power in exchange with the eldest sons of your monarchs,” said the powerful I’Lryer. Blinded by a desire for the power, Temoth said yes and he enthroned himself with the power endowed by I’Lryer. The old emperor couldn’t do nothing but regret his choice every time he faced the dashing figure of his eldest son, young Temoth II, who was named after the father. One day, I’Lryer came to Temoth I urging him to execute the contract, but was driven out of the palace by the emperor. As if he expected, I’Lryer left one word before he quietly left the palace: “You’ll now have to pay the price for breaking the contract.”  
  16.   Picture of Hell
    "Sol-gue" was a genius painter with God-given talent. He drew the “Picture of Hell” to enlighten the worldly ignorant people, coincidently when Emperor Hyunwon caused war and brought disorder to the world. Shortly after the war begun, Sol-gue and his Picture of Hell disappeared into thin air. According to the magicians' advice that Sol-gue's works can purify demons, searching for Sol-gue, Jeong-ilguk and his younger brother of Jeong-yiguk who are officials of Dohwawon heard of Picture of Hell which consists of two paintings(Chuksaeng and Soo-Ra). They have to also find out his paintings as they perceived that the paintings had relation to his disappearance.  
  17.   Valley of D'evah
    Inhebitants in Mu-Geuk fused the culture of the orient and the occident together and lived more affluent life in it than their homelands. It is to be regretted that their peace and happiness did not lasted for ages. As the D’evah who had got Geheneh into the disturbances of war and crossed over through a crevice to annihilate Daemons in Naraeha came to recognized the existence of Mu-Geuk, he wiped out all of the creatures in Mu-Geuk in order that he would establish a bridgehead for encroaching on the two continents. The disturbances of war which had started from the northward of Hondel was expanded throughout Mu-Geuk, and those who barely escaped death was living a hard life standing out in Cheonji-Yun situated on the southernmost part of Mu-Geuk against D’evah's and his subordinates.