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PVP-Triangular Battle System

Triangular Battle System

In Triangular Battle System, players are divided into three teams (Human, Demon and Dogebbi team) to fight against one another.
Players in each team have to carry emblems off from enemy's alters and set them up on their own alters.
Any team that finally got one or more emblems will be given some beneficial buff items.
※ Triangular Battle is unavailable in old UI. You have to change into the new UI mode for normal Operation of the system.
※ Even though you successfully register in new UI, Triangular Battle won't work normally in old UI.


- Registration hours: Wednesday/Friday 01:00 ~ 02:30 (GMT+9)
- Preparation hours: Wednesday/Friday 02:30 ~ 03:00 (GMT+9)
- Play hours: Wednesday/Friday 03:00 ~ 03:30 (GMT+9)


- To register, players have to contact the NPC, Manager of Triangular Battle near Duel Tournament Desk in Narootuh.
- There are participated from 50 levels.
- And no restrictions in participating such as character class or job.
-No one can select a certain team because all registered players are just arbitrarily located in a team by the system.
Once a team is formed, it lasts for a day. Team formation is reset once a day.


-The maximum number of participants for Triangular Battle is 300, and the required number of players for Triangular Battle is at least 60.
- Players that want to participate should register beforehand and get into manually from 20 minutes before it starts through Manager of Triangular Battle. Players that don't get into within the available 20 minutes can never participate even though they have already registered normally.


- The play mode of Triangular Battle is "Dog Fight".
- Triangular Battle takes place once a day.
- Any player that has finished registering can get into the Triangular Battle Field through Manager of Triangular Battle.
- Getting into the Triangular Battle Field is possible only through Manager of Triangular Battle. If you don't get into within theavailable time, you cannot get into and participate.
- Reward buff will be given to only players that have participated at least for 20 minutes.
- Players don't need to use their High-Grade of Rebirth Scrolls because they are re-spawned without limitation in Triangular Battle.
- Each team can be distingushed by color name.
- You can distinguish your own team members by name color. All opponent's names will be hidden and you can only see your member's names correctly.
- Green names are given to Human's members, yellow names to Demon's members and red names to Doggebi's members.
- You can chat with your team members through "T-Battle" chat window.
- Team chat is available with "%" key. Team chat is for Triangular Battle only and unavailable in other battles.
- All players in Triangular Battle automatically have high speed throughout the battle, and the speed is twice as fast as the effect of Speed-up medicine.
- The high speed will be deactivated when you get out from Triangular Battle Field or when the battle is over.
- Mini-map shows the current location of players with emblems and yourself.
- 30-minute time limit for a battle is given. Within the hours, teams have to take away and set emblems up in their own altars.
- The time limit for a battle is 30 minutes, and after the end of any battle, players will be rewarded with some honor points as well as with buffs from Ancient Essences that their team obtained.
- After the end of Triangular Battle, all of the team members can get buff items by the emblems which your team has set up.
Be aware that if any emblem is just in a player's inventory without being set up, no buff item will be given.
- All participants are transferred back automatically 10 seconds later from the end of the battle.
※ Quitting Triangular Battle
The command [/leave] excludes you out of Triangular Battle, and once using it, you cannot get into again.
[/leave] is available in Triangular Battle only.

Setting/Unsetting emblem

- An Ancient Essence is put on every team's altar, which can hold three Ancient Essences altogether.
- A player can pick only one Ancient Essence.
- A player can pick and hold only one emblem and two or more emblems cannot be picked.
- A score will be made by a player's putting an Ancient Essence on an alter.
(Any emblem which is correctly on an altar is admitted as a obtained one. So emblems must be set up out of player's inventory.)
- If an Ancient Essence is not put on an altar within 5 minutes, it will go back automatically to its own alter(default location), and if a player is killed holding an Ancient Essence, his Ancient Essence will be dropped on the ground.
- Players can set obtained emblems up on their own altars only, and no one can set up on opponent's altars.
- When you sets up an emblem, you have to correctly put it on your team's altar. Each altar accepts an appointed emablem only.
- After carrying off an emblem you have to finish setting it up in your team's altar to verify that your team got to obtain it.
- A red?exclamation mark will be added on any character holding an emblem.

Reward buffs of Triangular Battle

- Some beneficial buffs will be arbitrarily given to players in Triangular Battle.
- Buffs will be given every 3 minutes, and buff information will be automatically announced 5 seconds before a buff is given.
- Only a single buff at a time will be given to some players.
- The kinds of buffs given are as follows.

Buff Hour Buff Effect
Contracting space 30 second Super Speed(4 times as fast as the effect of Speed-up medicine) to players within a certain range
Improving attack 30 second Attack +100% to players within a certain range
Improving defense 30 second Defense +100% to players within a certain range
Recovering HP 30 second HP 100% recovery to players within a certain range
Spontaneous cure 20 second +10% HP recovery per second
Recovery instant Recover HP fully
Unkillableness 20 second Making player unkillable for a certain period of time
Precision 20 second On-target & Evasion +100%
Teleport instant Transfer players within a certain range to a certain team's base camp

Buff item from emblem

- An emblem must be set up on its own altar for the system to recognize that a team is possession of it.
- At the end of Triangular Battle, buffs and honor point will be given in accordance with each team's Ancient Essences finally obtained.
- Some buff items will be given to participants in accordance with finally obtained emblams.
- Any buff items are available after the end of Triangular Battle.
- All kinds of buff items can be used in all Scenarioes and in normal field except in Triangular Battle.
- Any effect of buff item used before the start of Triangular Battle holds good even in Triangular Battle.
- When a buff item is on, others are all unavailable.
- Since buff items have no validity period in use, any unused buff items never disappear automatically even though you have got others.
- The list of buff items is as follows.

Image Item Buff Effect
Halidom of Explosive Blow (small) Increase the success rate of Explosive Blow by 2% 1Hour
Halidom of Explosive Blow (medium) Increase the success rate of Explosive Blow by 4% 1Hour
Halidom of Explosive Blow (large) Increase the success rate of Explosive Blow by 5% 1Hour

- Honor point given to you can be checked with the shortcut key V.
- Honor point for Triangular Battle is as follows.

Condition Honor point Description
Default honor point 300 Point To all participants
One Ancient Essence is required 500 Point Honor point for one Ancient Essence
Two Ancient Essences are required 1,000 Point Honor point for two Ancient Essences
Three Ancient Essences are required 1,500 Point Honor point for three Ancient Essences