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Production System-Talisman of expert

Talisman of expert

If you use talisman of expert item for Artificial item, Artificial item will be upgraded to normal item.

How to use "Talisman of expert"

Click Item "Talisman of expert" using right mouse, show pop-up about "Talisman of expert"

Pop-up of "Talisman of expert"

If you used wrong item, you can see message "There is no item to use Talisman of expert".
When you show end message "Talisman of expert in use", Talisman of expert is finished use.

Probability of success can be changed according with the number of Talisman of consume like below table.
Talisman of expert can use the maximum 6 at once.

The number of Talisman of consume Probability of success
1 50%
2 60%
3 70%
4 80%
5 90%
6 100%

- You can choose the number of using Talisman expert through The number of Talisman of consume.
  However, you can't set possess of Talisman expert over.
- The number of Talisman of consume has increased, Also, Probability of success will be increased.
- When you finish setting, Please click "conform" bottom.
- % When you get failed, The endurance of an item is decreased 5 to failure.
- % When it used on Polishing Stone, The endurance of an item penalty is reduced once. However, It will be removed regardless of success or failure of Talisman expert.

"Talisman of expert" Succeed

- Artificial item skill will be changed to normal item skill.
- "Artificial" is removed on name and same with normal item.
- The endurance of an item and number of use Polishing Stone can be count.
- Talisman of expert can't be used when this item is locked.
- Every enchant skill will be same. Also, additional skill will be same.

- Enchant list

Number Enchant system
1 Mix System
2 Explosive Blow
3 Bead Of Fire
4 Qigong
5 Talisman
6 Dragon Fusing
7 Demon gong